As a mobile DJ, it is extremely important to protect the equipment you have invested in when you are playing at an event. Keeping it in excellent condition is highly important as it is delicate and will need protecting during transportation. Here at Gearooz we have produced a list of all the ways you can ensure your gear is protected. 

Purchase A Case

There is a range of cases that you can buy to protect your equipment. Whether you buy a decksaver, gig bag or heavy duty flight case, it will become a valuable purchase when you are on the road. There are many brands and varieties to choose from, all of which can purchase online. 

Elavate Your Laptop

DJ Booths can be messy and to avoid someone spilling a drink on your laptop it is best to elevate it using a stand. Using a stand for your laptop also has advantages like saving space in the booth and keeping it elevated right in front of you so it’d be hard to reach. Make sure you chosen stand is study and durable enough for you laptop when making your purchase. 

Prepare Your Backups

We think it is a good idea to put Your DJ Sets into the Cloud or a similar storage software so if you are to lose your harddrive, it isn't a worry as your sets are ready to download from the internet. Alongside this we recommend bringing a mix CD but you will be able to play it in most venue DJ booths.

Don't Forget The Duct Tape

Keep to hand a roll of duct tape. It’s strong, sticks well and will safely secure your cables. It will prevent yourself and others from tripping over floor cables.

DJ Insurance

Consider insuring your gear especially your higher priced items! In the case of damage or theft you don't have to worry as you are covered, see our previous blog post on purchasing public liability insurance

Make A Pre And Post Gig Checklist

You don't want to be forgetting important bits on the day of your big event and you don't want to be accidentally leaving equipment behind after a late night! Make a pre and post gig checklist to ensure your gear is safely packed away.