Here’s a quick guide to help you protect your gear.

This may be one of the more obvious ones but you would be surprised at how many DJs carry around their kit unprotected. Get yourself a quality gigbag, this ensures that your equipment will not get scratched or damaged on your way to your gig. You can get all sorts of kit bags, many with the ability to hold your laptop, controller and other accessories all in one place.

Checking out the venue before your gig is a great way to prepare for your setup. The last thing you need is to turn up to a job without a proper booth, you do not want to leave equipment on the floor. Plan out your booth, if one is provided then you can check to see where everything will fit safety and if one is not provided then you can be prepared and bring your own.

Before you’ve even started your gig there is still a chance that a piece of your kit will malfunction, leaving you with nothing to perform your set. Be prepared with backups, back everything up on something like the cloud, this could be your lifesaver.

We’ve written about the essentials of a gig bag before and one of them begin a checklist. This comes in handy when protecting your kit, make sure you have everything with you before and after your gig to prevent items getting lost or stolen.

As mentioned before setting up your equipment is important to ensuring its safety, having an adequate booth to protect from spilt drinks and unwanted hands. We recommend placing your equipment on a level (such as a shelf), high enough to keep away from any possible damages. This is the same with your laptop, you can buy custom made covers but if your not looking to spend any more on protective cases then simply using the walls of your booth to cover from similar dangers is a good idea.

Whether you’re a DJ or not cables can be a pain for anyone. Charging cables along with connection cables can get pull at, either being pulled out during a gig or ripped apart altogether. To prevent from damages to your cables and possible trip hazards use gaffer tap or cable mats.

Now with your gig coming to an end the checklist is great to go back to. Make sure you pack everything up especially your cables and smaller accessories, these are the most likely to be left behind. With everything packed up safetly if there is ever a moment where you need to leave your bag aside or you plan to spend the rest of the evening celebrating its very important to lock it up either in your vehicle or in a back room, a bag full of expensive DJ equipment will not go unnoticed by others.

With all that being said if you want to take extra measures to ensure you don’t lose out if something is damaged or stolen then you can always get insurance on your kit.

Hopefully this helped you prepare for your gigs and any possible hazards. Remember you can purchase anything from gig bags to covers for your controller over at