Carrying your tracks, decks and stands around the world?

Here at Gearooz we stock a wide and various selections of covers, cases and carriers to help protect your equipment.

It is important to protect your gear whilst on-the-go and when safely behind your DJ booth. A DJ needs to make sure they protect their possessions during and after the gig, as there are many hazards of playing surrounding a DJ whether that is at a concert, wedding reception or nightclub. We have some great products to ensure your DJ kit comes home safely and ready to play your next show.

It is ideal to have your equipment elevated away from the table.  Our range of laptop stands save space in your booth, give you quick and easy access to your DJ controllers and they keep your kit safely out of reach from drink spillages or other threats.

Gearooz have a wide range of hard flight-cases. They are durable, waterproof, hard-wearing, and there is one for almost every make and model of audio equipment including record storage. Padded or hard flight cases for are excellent investments for DJ controllers and laptops are the perfect way to transport your equipment securely.

Skeleton cases are heavy duty flight cases that feature pick foam inserts. They can be custom fit to your equipment as the foam allows you to pluck out your desired shape, meaning you can customise your hard case for any piece of gear. The pickfoam inserts can be replaced and rather than having to buy a new case you can re-sure the old one, and users can create the perfect case for their gear in a matter of minutes.

Some DJs choose to cover their controllers and laptops with plastic wrap; however this may cause overheating to your computer and make it difficult to use the knobs and faders on your controller.  We offer an alternative solution; Decksaver are hard plastic transparent covers that use the latest polycarbonate technology to create their durable protective covers.

All their covers are tailor-made for any setup and provide the perfect fit for your equipment. This simple, yet durable approach aims to safeguard equipment whilst keeping products aesthetically pleasing. They protect against dust and keep equipment looking professional and lengthening their lifespan. Decksavers are suitable for an extensive range of branded DJ equipment, including Pioneer, Yamaha, Behringer, Numark, Rane and more.

If you are usually moving from gig to another, or travelling to rehearsals then you may benefit from having a soft gig bag to ease the load. Before deciding on a guitar case, you need to think how you are going to use your guitar; will you be taking it to gigs regularly? Or just to for music lessons?

A gig bag typically has a fabric or leather exterior with inner padding that varies in density and thickness. Pretty much all gig bags have two shoulder straps and at least one carrying handle, and virtually all are secured with a heavy-duty zipper. Unlike hard-shell cases, the typical gig bag has an outer compartment large enough to accommodate accessories such as picks, strings and sheet music. You may want to look at features such as how many zippered pockets are needed, or how many should straps shoulder as well as handles are required for easy transport.

 Alongside these lightweight gig bags for instruments, we also have gig bagsto carry lighting equipment and stands. These durable, convenient, affordable bags are the perfect solution to safe transport and ideal for mobile DJs and working bands. They are designed to extend the life of mobile lighting fixtures and microphones.