DJ equipment maker Rane has sold to US based company inMusic. The owners of Rane - Linda Arink and Dennis Bohn were looking for a buyer as they both want to step down and retire. inMusic clearly made the best offer and co-founder Linda Arink felt they were an ideal buyer that could help the Rane company grow.

Rane has been a leading manufacturer of DJ mixers since founding in 1981. The news was spread via a press release from Rane who confirmed the sale will commence this summer.

No official information has been released based on how the actual company and their products will change after being brought into the InMusic family. Rane pride themselves on building their products in the United States at their headquarters in Mukilteo, Washington. Whereas inMusic outsource their manufacturing in Asia. Some concerns that DJs have is that the quality control and manufacturing process will be different.

inMusic said in their recently pulbished press release on (July 6, 2015): “Rane Corporation is a great addition to inMusic. Rane is a dynamic, esteemed audio brand focused on enhancing DJ performance and professional sound. The transaction is expected to take place in summer 2016."

Rane now joins other companies under the inmusic umbrella such as DenonDJ, Numark, M-audio and Akai pro.

Rane said: "Rane Corporation is pleased to announce that co-founders Linda Arink and Dennis Bohn have agreed to sell Rane Corporation to InMusic LLC. The transaction is set to be completed this summer. After the sale Ms. Arink and Mr. Bohn plan to step down and retire. Rane is one of the most admired companies within the DJ and commercial sound industry. “Rane will continue some operations out of the Mukilteo, Washington headquarters,” says Ms. Arink. Ms. Arink feels that with the added resources, engineering talent, and additional IP, InMusic is an ideal buyer for Rane Corporation and will help it grow now and in the future."

What our your thoughts on Rane being sold? Do you think this will change the quality of the brand?