The Rane MP2014 is a two-channel rotary mixer with a pristine signal path that provides DJs with everything they need, in terms of control, movement and art.

The mixer has been designed for the DJ who only requires two channels, looking for simplicity, reliability, portability and modern technology, with cutting edge features.

The MP2014 has been designed and tailored for the discerning DJ, looking for smooth transitions as a result of rotary controls. Rane have managed to incorporate almost all the features of their previous mixer, the MP2015, with additional features too. The products additional features include; Dual USB ports/soundcards for switching off DJs, external FX loop, studio quality phono preamps, durable steel chassis, sleek and beautiful wooden sides , plus much more.

This DJ mixer is classic and elegant and with its rugged design and intuitive simplicity it bridges the gap between classic rotary mixers and modern day DJ tools.

The mixer has a high quality rotary control surface with a state-of-the-art digital signal processor and dual 16-channel USB sound cards. The mixer has both analogue and digital I/O, supporting vinyl, CDs and USB streaming, making this a versatile piece of equipment.

The MP2014 provides the same quality, aesthetics and high-resolution audio as the MP2015, encompassed in an elegant and portable design.

The sound quality of this mixer is second to none and being slimmer than the MP2015 we believe it will be a successful product in today's DJ market.

The Rane MP2014 is available to purchase from us direct here: