Reloop has announced a hybrid performance controller that is part of collaboration with Serato and Algoriddum. The two acclaimed DJ software’s have partnered to create this multi-platform controller – the Mixon 4.

The controller is compatible with two platforms across Mac, PC, Andriod and iOS. It has some of the latest features from both software’s including Macro FX and Pitch Play in Serato DJ, something which was only available on the Denon DJ MCX8000. Other features include a key sync button to match tracks and a slot at the back of the top panel that can fit an iPad Pro, so you can charge your iOS device while DJing with it.

Users can enhance their DJ set with Serato DJ available on Mac and PC and explore new tools and expansion packs.

The controller is considered to be a professional controller for Algoriddums djay pro software and is a great addition to the selection of Serato DJ controllers currently available.  Algoriddim djay Pro is integrated with the streaming service Spotify and gives users instant access to a variety of tracks.

As well as PC/Mac and Android compatibility the Mixon 4 can connect to iOS devices with a lightening connection and simultaneously charges the device too. Users can place their iPad Pro landscape into the docking station and then DJ across four decks.

The Mixon 4 has velocity-sensitive drum pads that can trigger Hot Cue, Loop Roll, Sampler, Slicer, Flip and Cue & Slicer Loop modes. Users can activate the touch-sensitive sampler mode, which determines the volume by how hard you trigger a pad.

By activating slip mode, the current playing track can be adjusted with loops or scratches without interrupting the flow of the music. The track position continues in the background and then can jump to its current position once the user has stopped altering the track. Users can also set auto loops and the loop length LED bar can show the current beat length which can then be selected via an encoder. The LED backlit pads can give users instant feedback about the active mode and reflect colour-coded cue points in the software.

The Pitch Play mode gives users more creative freedom and allows them to live remix cue points at different tones and pitches. Users can also enable the Harmonic Mixing function can be synchronised to the key of different tracks, and the Mixon 4 also offers controls to adjust the key and pitch in real time.

The large jog wheels have a touch-sensitive aluminium surface and the virtual needle has illumination that informs users about the play head position and remaining track length.

The mixer produces high quality audio processing and an intuitive layout with individual signal meters on each channel.  The controller also has two master outputs for professional PAs, MIXON 4 comes with booth outputs as well as a microphone and two headphone connections.