Back in June Mixvibes released the Remixlive software for Mac and iOS, it has now recently launched it for PC and it is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Intel Core.

With touchscreen compatibility, users can hit the pads on the touch screen to trigger samples in a similar way to that of hardware.

With easier accessibility and reliability, the Remixlive is user friendly and an efficient piece of software

Users can adjust and modify the BPM of individual samples and sync all factory and important samples to the master BPM. By playing a sample at its nominal BPM it allows Remixlive use it for 1-shot performances therefore using the application like a sampler. Users can even remove, double, or halve the BPM with new MIDI controls and crop samples manually resulting in a more accurate BPM.

The PC version takes advantage of the Windows touch screen devices allowing the on-screen pads to be played in exactly the same way as on iOS, although for both the Mac and PC versions, Mixvibes recommends the use of a pad controller.

Remixlive now allows users to import and export samples between platforms, improve envelope editing and timestretch.

Timestretch is a new feature that controls the tone of any sample when changing its tempo. The length between the start and end of a sample is now snapped to standard beat lengths and moving start and end points will keep the beat length chosen resulting in a sample that remains perfectly looped. 

Users can also record any sound or voice through the microphone or audio input, edit play mode, gain access to a variety of instant FX, and control the app using a keyboard or touch screen interface if no MIDI controller is available.

Remixlive is a great way for novice and professional DJs and others interested in music production to and jump straight in and produce fantastic music. The new release of the PC version allowed users to explore music production and it has opened it up to a whole new audience.