Known as the world’s largest drum head company, Remo is a choice for many industry professionals and their drum heads have even been called the best in the world. Remo has been at the forefront of developing new products to meet today’s industry standard.

Originally drum heads were made from thinly stretched animal skin meaning they were affected by temperature changes; however in 1957 Remo D Belli the founder of Remo invented the first synthetic Mylar drumhead known as the “weather king”. 

These hard-wearing drum heads are produced in many different styles including the Diplomat, Ambassador, and Pinstripe series. The drum heads that go on the top of your drums, the side that you hit, are called batter heads, and the bottom heads are called resonant heads. These drumheads come in single- or two-ply construction and different thicknesses. A drum head's thickness is considered important: thinner, single-ply heads have a sensitive response, with bright, resonant sound whereas thicker two-ply heads are more durable and have a higher tuning range.

There are many different types of resilient coatings used on Remo drum heads. Some are sprayed with a translucent coating, some are coated solid black or white, and some are etched to create a textured surface. Coated, controlled sound drum heads have an outer area that offers mid-range tone and the laminated centre dots add tonal focus.

Some jazz, light rock and acoustic players prefer the increased resonance of one-ply heads, while heavy hitters playing louder rock or RnB, and prefer the focused sound and durability of heavier double-ply heads.  Each brand of head has its purpose for different drumming styles which help a drum sound more genre specific.

For over 55 years, Remo, Inc. has constantly and consistently broken new ground when it comes to industry firsts and they continue to innovate new products and ideas to become the world’s drum head specialist in virtually every category, from percussionists to drum corps, jazz, blues and rock.

Remo manufacture in the USA and has been a leading company in sustainable engineering. They were the first to successfully introduce an alternative to calfskin drum heads and have been recognised for their environmentally responsible manufacturing every year since 1988.

If your kit is practically vintage or brand new, a high-quality set of heads will ensure that your drums look and sound their best. These reliable and hard-wearing drumheads fit Bass, snare and toms and Gearooz stock many designs to fit your drums. Ultimately, it's the tuning versatility these offer that will make them suitable for almost any popular music genre.

These heads are industry standard for both live and studio situations. The more you maintain the quality the longer your drum heads will last.

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