Gearooz is proud to now stock the entire range of Road Ready cases. Considered to be some of the toughest cases in the industry the Road Ready cases are one of the largest case manufacturers in the world.  

Created for working professionals, the Road Ready cases are designed to withstand excessive use and are built to remain strong during those long trips on the road.

There are many cases available including hard flight cases, cases for your mixer, vertical rack systems alongside caster boards and cooling panels.

The Roady Ready cases feature a heavy-duty, removable, cover crafted with Road Ready's no-pressure design to protect your mixer controls. Many also feature a low-profile based that allows you to access your equipment from a rear connection panel without having to remove it from the case.

The RRCF4 cooling panel can be mounted in the front or back of your rack and can be tilted at any angle. Designed to fit any of Road Ready’s amp, effect or slant rack models this panel produces hot and cold air that be blown into your rack.

 A choice of a 10U, 12U or 11U slanted top rack is available for convenient controller placement and your choice of rack space ranging from 2U to 16U. The RRM4U is a classic rack system that features 17.5” mountable rack depth and 2 removable covers. Hand crafted with care our cases feature rugged Road Ready features industrial ball corners and laminated plywood construction.

The RR1200B turntable case features a polyfoam padding system which allows you to create the perfect custom space for most turntables. This rugged and well constructed case has a rear access cable port for simple connections.

These portable cases feature spring loaded handles, secure latches and some even have low-profile wheels. They are the perfect option for transporting your gear and giving the user maximum set-up time.

Protect your microphones with the RRWIRELESS case. Designed to house virtually any wireless unit including Sennheiser and AKG the RRWIRELESS is built to last. The high-density Pick-&-Fit Foam allows users to customise their space. Simply pick out the foam to create the perfect fit for your system.  

The durable and affordable RR12M16UC features an 18" rack depth, 2 heavy duty removable covers and a removable rear hinged door. A tick plywood caster board with brakes is also included.

These heavy duty and portable cases are the perfect solution to protecting your equipment in transport and give the user to have a hassle free set before their shows.

 Here at Gearooz we stock the Road Ready DJ Cases, amplifier cases, rack cases, caster boards, Laptop cases, and more. An ideal purchase for the travelling performer, invest in the toughest cases around and order yours online now.