Introducing the Roland Aerophone AE-10, a new digital wind instrument that lets users play saxophone, flute, clarinet and also synths.

The unique and latest innovation, the Aerophone AE-10, enables users to play a number of different sounds using a breath sensor that reacts similarly to an acoustic horn. This also lets users have control over advanced playing techniques such as vibrato and pitch.

Along featuring digital replications of wind instruments, the Aerophone can play trumpet and violin. It has a layout that is similar to that of a traditional saxophone including octave keys in the left-hand side and performance keys on the right.  

The saxophone features allows users to change the type of saxophone sound they want to suit their needs with a range that includes Alto, Tenor, Soprano and Baritone types. Alongside this but the full range feature enables users to automatically switch between the different saxophone types by key range.

This digital instrument can be powered via a rechargeable battery which can last around several hours on continuous use or the Aerophone can be inserted into the mains via an AC adaptor. It features a built-in speaker and a stereo mini-jack that connects to a music player so users can play along to selected tracks.  The headphone output means that users can play in silence whilst at home or on the go.

The Aerophone also has a USB connection that Roland says allows the AE-10 to play external MIDI sound modules or software synths in a digital audio workstation including Ableton live. It can also be connected to a smart-phone so users can perform anywhere.

This compact and lightweight instrument is perfect for musicians that want to seek instrumental versatility and want switch between different tones in an instant. This digital instrument is a tonally flexible model that doesn’t compromise on sound quality.