Earlier in the year the UK start-up launched its Seaboard RISE keyboard controller which is capable of detecting five dimensions of touch. But now ROLI has released its latest product for musicians called Blocks which is compatible with iOS.

The new Blocks system is a series of controllers that includes three wireless devices, the illuminated touch Lightpad, which features a glowing surface that lets people create music through gestures, the Live block, which features controls for performance and the Loop block, which adds additional recording controls and allows users to produce in real time.

Each block can connect to each other magnetically allowing users to create customised kits and purchase as many as they like to create large control surfaces. The concept suits any skill level and musical style, and users can build and play their instruments on the go.

The Lightpad system allows users to create music by tapping on its LED-illuminated screen and it can sense the same five dimensions of touch as the RISE including strike, press, slide and lift. Users can also set the Lightpad to only show notes in a particular scale and it can also play full chords at once.

Similar to the Seaboard, the entire pad is pressure and touch sensitive, allowing users add vibrato, change pitch, modify tone and more simply by moving your hand around the pad or varying how hard you press down on it.

 The other block units have buttons that can launch multiple applications; the Live Block can let users bookmark their favourite sounds while the Loop Block includes dedicated controls for toggling loops.

Blocks allow users of any skill level to produce music in minutes on its expressive touch controls.

Blocks is powered by NOISE, a free music app for iPhone and iPad that is now available at the App Store. NOISE connects to Blocks wirelessly over Bluetooth, becoming the system’s sound engine as well as a standalone app.