Introducing ROLI’s Seaboard RISE 25, an intuitive piece of equipment that combines 25 key waves, two extra octaves and wireless capability that results in an extraordinary midi controller.

Since their recent release ROLI have established new standards in music and the Seaboard RISE 25 exceeds these. RISE 25 is the first Expressive MIDI device to offer an easy-to-use multi-platform synth and the first with an integrated user control panel alongside being able to perform wireless with Bluetooth.

This unique device has no on-board sounds whatsoever and instead relies on a MAC/PC via a USB. It is affordable, versatile and can simulate the sound of any instrument.

The main connections are around the left-hand side and the RISE houses connections for a sustain pedal, external power adapter and two USB connectors. It has an internal rechargeable battery and built in MIDI over Bluetooth allowing users to play up to 8 hours of continuous play without needing an external power source.

The minimalist design includes main key wave surface and sliders that are made of soft black silicone and unit is made of lightweight plastic in a sleek wedge shape, perfect for easy transportation. The switches and sliders are made from soft black rubber and have white stripes going down the middle, making for quick visual reference when playing.

The power switch illuminates and changes colour to indicate what operating mode the user is in (expression, midi or bluetooth) and the RISE allows you to play full chords and bass-line simultaneously. This means users can achieve sound shaping that simply isn’t possible with a standard keyboard.

Explore new dimensions of touch interaction (5D) which is crucial to the Seaboard ideology. The RISE is an exciting option that brings to life any sound e.g. by simply pressing a note you can change its pitch by sliding left or right. This is a quick and easy solution.

The key wave surface monitors how hard the user is pressing and how quickly it is let go.This custom sensitivity allows users to match their own personal style when playing meaning users can experiment with new ways of playing and composing music.

RISE has its own Bluetooth app NOISE allowing users to go fully wireless using any ios device and purchase sound packs for as little as £3 on their iphones.

You don’t need to be an accomplished keyboard player to benefit from the capabilities of the seaboard just a creative individual and that’s why the RISE 25 is an appealing purchase for producers, players and many more.

Order the ROLI Seaboard RISE 25 online now with free UK delivery. 


Here is the Seaboard RISE25 in action!