Numark has provided Djs with the ability to scratch and cut wherever you go, built with Numarks’s exclusive adjustable scratch switch you can now choose a record of your choice and perform and scratch routine, whether you’re performing an outdoor gig, at home or a club.

 The PT01 Scratch is designed for any type of DJ whether you’re a professional turntablist or have a passion for collection vinyl, you can transform, cut and scratch to your hearts content. With the adjustable scratch switch both left and right handers can perform easily and comfortably, simply unscrew the scratch switch and adjust to your needs.

 The scratch and slide switch from Numark provides a longer performance and its user replaceable for more action. Equipped with a red slip mat which performs light to heavy handed scratches with your records.

 You can also connect your phone to play background music through the stereo input to allow you to scratch along with the beat. The PT01 also works well with other equipment, you can connect the PT01 Scratch to build a bigger set up for your larger gigs.

 If you’re looking to record digitally then you also have the capability to connect your USB to your laptop. The Numark PT01 is available to pre-order on our website, head over to to secure your PT01 Scratch turntable.