A new way to play, listen to your music in style. With a visually stunning display that reflects different music styles and moods. Choose from 5 LED light modes with different colours of LED lights which move and respond to your sound. This modern machine is compatible with multiple devices from laptops to iPhones and iPods you can connect to the speaker and watch your music come alive. If your device is not compatible you then you connected it through the included aux input cable for quick and effortless set up.

 Another great feature is the built in micro SD card input so you have even more ways to play your music. The speaker also features a built in microphone which when connected to your smartphone can be used effectively for hands free calls.

 With a charging time of 3 hours and up to 8 hours of music and lights once fully charged this speaker is much more powerful than other regular speakers. At such an affordable price this is the perfect piece to add to your collection, if you are looking to add some interest to your shows or you want to impress at a small get together, the Soundlab disco light speaker is a great choice.

 The Soundlab disco light speaker is now available to order, visit Gearooz.com for more information.