1. Things to Think About When Buying Your First Guitar

    Let’s go over some of the things to think about when buying your first guitar. The first questions begin electric or acoustic? This is down to your own personal choice however the most commonly used guitar for beginners would be acoustic. This beginning for a few different reasons, they are less expensive and are much more versatile if you’re figuring out your music style.

    Electric guitars tend to be easier to handle but if you’re a beginner I would suggest learning the basics and an acoustic is a great way to build your core skills. If you have already gained some skill from classes and have an idea of the music you want to play then you can determine which one would be the best fit.

    Certain genres play best on an acoustic guitar such as country, folk and pop but if you’re playing metal, rock or punk music an electric guitar would be the most suitable. As mentioned before an acoustic tends to be cheaper as an electric does require an amp and other accessories so tha

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  2. One for the acoustic performers, the A1+ amp from Laney!

    Designed to give the acoustic player an amplified acoustic performance which matches those at the top end of the market, the A1+ delivers great acoustic amplification in a portable, compact package. Packed in a dual position wooden cab with a TüffStüff finish, the A1+ is sturdy and durable. Also included is a built in tripod stand mount which is great to optimize sound projection.

    With two identical but independent instrument/mic channels users can connect two instruments or two different inputs for the same instrument. Thanks to the high quality dome tweeter and 8”woofer the A1+ has impressive frequency response.

     If you’re interested in ordering the Laney A1+ then head over to where you will also find a list of all the features and specs.


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