1. HH Electronics Speakers - Review

    HH Electronics is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of power amplifiers and sound equipment. Designed for musicians by their own team of experts using their own research, HH electronics make some of the highest quality speakers on the market amongst other technically advanced products.

    HH electronics are renowned for their innovative design and production; they continue to focus on future of technology whilst keeping with their roots by continuing to engineer their products in the UK. Their newest range offers amazing performance and the highest quality at the best prices.

    The Tessen-X series delivers high power in a compact, professional system. Whether you’re a mobile DJ or you perform from home this series allows for complete flexibility and high quality sound.

    The Tessen-X 1501 has the same extensive features as the rest of the rang

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  2. Active vs Passive Speakers: The Basics.

    Before even thinking about going on the road with your talent its important to have the right gear, for you this could mean a variety of different things. If you’re a musician your going to need your instrument, if you’re a singer you’re going to need your mic. But one of the most important pieces of your entire collection are your speakers, to get anywhere with your talent you need your audience to hear you or your music.

    There are two different types of speakers, active and passive. Its important for all types of performers to know the difference.

    It can be quite difficult choosing which speakers to invest in, there are many different opinions on which produce better sound. Its important to know that although pas

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  3. What Is The Difference Between Active And Passive Speakers?

    Choosing the right speaker often makes a great difference in the quality of sound. Whether you are a novice or a professional DJ, it is important to pay attention to the standard and usability of your equipment, and to select the speakers that will suit you needs in order to conduct an event appropriately and in professional style.

    Active speaker’s aka powered speakers are suitable for both novice and expert sound providers. They usually have an amplifier and crossover built into the same housing as the speakers, however they can also support external amplifiers, and cross over components; they are suitable for all types of use including outdoors.

    Powered speakers can be connected by a single line cable from a mixer. They may come with one or more amplifiers to power the drivers in the system. The crossover components spli

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