1. New to ADJ, the Hydro Beam Moving Heads!

    New to ADJ the Hydro Beam Moving Heads, professional moving head fixtures designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Both fixtures are durable and reliable; their casting protects them from dust, sand, moisture and liquids. Ideal for all occasions and environments, whether you’re looking to light up a beach party or create incredible visual effects in the rain.

    These amazing fixtures offer an extended operational life and reduced maintenance requirement due to their sealed casing design. These are perfect for festivals and outdoor events, as well as installation in open air clubs and other spaces. Enjoy these high powered moving heads, with a compact size and quick movement you can take your lighting to the next level.

    The Hydro Beam FX2 includes a range of features such as linear motorized focus, 8-facet circular prism with overlay, glass and metal GOBOs that rotate and are replaceable, 3

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  2. The ADJ Warlock vs The Martin RUSH Wizard!

    When looking for new lighting equipment it can be difficult to choose considering how many are on offer. Today we are going to be doing a comparison on the popular lighting units from ADJ and Martin RUSH. The Wizard and Warlock Barrel Lights are very similar which has customers struggling to decide on the right one. We are going to be putting the products side by side to compare design, features and value.

    Firstly for a general overview of both products and what they offer. The Martin RUSH Wizard is lighter, brighter, more compact and energy efficient than previous installments and delivers bright and magical lighting effects.

    The ADJ Warlock is a unique, compact moonflower effect light. Offering stunning 360 degree lighting effects which are extremely bright as well as having a nice selection of gobos in a sturdy design.

    It’s clear to see both units are very good and seem to offer similar features but which one is better? To start with the design, although v

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  3. The ADJ Warlock Bundles, Available Now!

    We are excited to offer you the ADJ Warlock light, a unique, compact moonflower effect featuring a barrel mirrored scanner. We have multiple bundle options for you to choose from depending on your requirements. These new lighting effects are perfect for mobile DJs, this eco friendly unit is portable and delivers stunning 360-degree effects.

    For easy control the Warlock is compatible with the ADJ UC IR wireless remote and the Airstream IP App. Boasting an output comparable to a 300-watt discharge fixture, plus a 6000 hour life maximum power draw of 202W. Also featuring 12 Gobos and spot, 12 colours and white and a built in secondary rotation mirror. 

    If you want to get your hands on the new ADJ warlock lighting unit then head over to If you have any questions you can always contact the team through our live chat where we can talk you through our available bundles.

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  4. ADJ Dual Independent Head Rotating Gobo - Review

    ADJs creativity and innovation makes for unique, high quality products. This dual moving head delivers continuous 360-degree rotation, producing sparks of colour that will fill a room. The 3 Sixty 2R is powered by the brand new Philips Platinum 2R, 135W discharge lamp, rated at 6,000-hour lamp life.

     Each heads colours, gobos and movement run independently from each other for a stand out light show. The 3 Sixty features professional features such as a 4-degree beam angle, 13 colours plus white, 14 gobos plus spot, 8-facet prism and a frost filter.

     The 3 Sixty would be ideal for all types of light shows, its compact size makes for easy travel and set up. If you want to get your hands on the ADJ 3 Sixty independent rotating moving head, then head over to, you will also find a full list of features and specs.                    &n

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  5. The Latest Addition To The Vizi Series - The Vizi Wash Pro!

    As part of the ADJ Vizi Series, the Vizi Wash Pro is the latest addition. The Pro is a high output, 570W wash fixture with variable zoom. Powered by 19 30W Osram LEDs, it certainly creates the most spectacular colour effects. Perfect for mid to large size venues this fixture will transform your show. Ideal for large staging applications, if your looking for something powerful enough to draw in a large crowd then the Vizi pro it a great choice.

     Featuring motorized zoom, a 3 zone ring control with eye catching colour macros, 3 DMX channel modes, 6 dimming curve modes and a 4 button touch control panel with a large LED display. The Vizi Wash Pro is packed full of great features, combined to make a quality lighting fixture with stunning LED effects.

     If you want to know more about this product head over to, you will find an in-depth list of all the features included. The

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  6. NEW IN! Lighting Effects, Equinox, Showtec, ADJ and LEDJ.

    Over the new year there has been some incredibly interesting lighting releases, from moving heads, beams and grid lights we have some great lighting offers for you.

     These are some of our new in products we’d love to share!

     Equinox Six Shooter LED Effect Light

     This product is the perfect centrepiece for any DJ or club. Producing amazing beams of light across a room, crisscrossing and pulsing to the beam of your music. At an affordable price compared to your larger lighting fixtures this would be ideal if you’re on a budget yet still looking for an eye catching effect.

     LEDJ Mini Pix 9 Grid Light

    At a slightly high price point this product offers full pixel mapping technology within a compact, rugged chassis allowing lighting designers and DJ&rsq

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  7. A Great Combo - The ADJ LED Par Can & Tube Lighting Package

    Gearooz are happy to present a great combo package including 2 Flat Par LED lights and two Tube Gel effect lights. This is the perfect bundle to enhance the feel and ambiance to any event. This package is ideal for parties, galleries or clubs and will light up a small room fantastically. These are particularly popular for walkways and runways as they are a great alternative to your regular floor lights.

     You can take your colour mixing to the next level with the American DJ Flat Par QA5X professional low profile LED fixture. The unit’s low profile, sideways power and DMX Ins/Outs and dual hanging brackets make this ideal for mobile DJs, permanent set ups and for inserting into truss or for up lighting.

     Are you looking to turn your DJ lighting par can from a standard wash light into an effect tube? Create stunning visuals for your performance with the ADJ Magna Tube Gel Wash Adaptor, this handy device will transform any show quickly and easily.  

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  8. We're excited to announce the ADJ Focus Spot Three Z Pearl!

    We are excited to announce the flagship of the Focus Spot Series of moving heads pair package from ADJ, with the series being so popular in a black exterior ADJ has now come out with a white exterior finish. Perfect for those looking for a more elegant style moving head and are in need of a spot light that will fit into wedding venues or similar events.

     These lights are premium technology at an affordable price, the Focus Spot Three Z Pearl is a DMX intelligent moving head. It can operate as a stand alone fixture or in a Master/Slave set up. The Three Z Pearl offers three different operating modes, a sound active, show mode, DMX controlled. Although the white exterior would be ideal for those fancier venues this is suitable for anything from theatres, studios and other corporate locations.

     We also recommend using a fog or special effe

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  9. Just In! The ADJ Mega Hex Par Can Wash Light

    Looking for a compact and low profile par? The ADJ Mega Hex Par, designed for up lighting and stage lighting will bring colour and excitement to your shows. You can place this fixture directly on the ground or inside truss with the scissor yoke as the power and DMX ins and outs are mounted on the side of the fixture and not on the rear. Great for anyone who may struggle with space this will definitely fit nicely and effortlessly into anyone’s set up.

     The Mega Hex Par can produce a larger-scale of colours than a 4 colour LED, you have the option to use colours such as hot pink, lime green and electric blue. This may not be your top end par but at such a great price it can create some beautiful effects and smooth colour mixing.

     You can also control black out, full on, strobe, dimming, sound active and colour change with the included remote. This is ideal if you are ju

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  10. The ADJ LED Tube Backdrop Package

    Now Available, The ADJ LED Tube Backdrop Package. This extremely interesting LED tube backdrop is a fantastic piece of equipment, unlike any other stage lighting effect this product is sure to be a great addition to your performance. The crowd will love the beautiful lighting displays it produces, with bright LED colour changing tubes that consume very little power and generates no heat this is a must have item.

     The ADJ Tube Lights have an LED lifespan of 50,000 hours, perfect for those long days of performing and artists who are on the road. For the best effect use multiples, which is guaranteed to impress the crowd whether at house parties, night clubs or festivals the ability to customise the lights in any set up will make installation simple and easy.

     For those who are looking to change up their show without spending the money on a high end moving head or fixture this is a great package, an easy way to switch things up without breaking the bank.

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