1. Explore new ways to produce, write and perform music with the Akai sequencer!

    Gearooz are excited to present Akai’s new addition the MPC Touch. Created for Dj’s, musicians and artists alike Akai’s sequencer puts the power of creativity in your hands. With a range of uses for its touch screen this product is made to help you explore new ways to produce, write and perform music.

     Akai Professional, known for its high quality products such as keyboards, mixers and production equipment has manufactured this innovative new piece of hardware which allows you to create professional and detailed tracks at your fingertips, giving you everything you need to produce your best work.

     With 7 inch multi touch screen display you can pinch waveforms, draw midi events, adjust envelops, chop samples and even add effects, the sequence offers amazing creative potential all within a compact and portable unit. Ideal for anyone on the road or those worrying about transporting this unit from one gig to another, its small size and light wei

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  2. Akai Pro Launch New MPC Range

    Akai Pro has announced the release of its new MPC series, the vMPC Live, MPC X Music Production Centre and MPC 2.0 Music Production Software.

    The two standalone players include new features and studio production, including live and performance capabilities.

    The MPC live has additional capabilities in comparison to its predecessor the MPC Touch.  Looking similar to the MPC Touch the new Live features a full colour 7-inch multi touch screen, 16 responsive velocity and pressure sensitive RGB pads, four touch capacitive Q-link controls and a large master encoder knob.

    Alongside this the MPC Live also features multicore processing technology and expandable 16GB of on-board storage.  An extremely portable unit, the MPC Live can be run under battery powered operation via its internal and rechargeable battery.

    The MPC Touch enables users to time-stretch in real time, sample, grab, and pinch and edits waveforms via its touch display. The step sequenc

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  3. Akai Professional Launch Wireless Controllers

    A wireless controller has been in demand for some time with many DJs and producers calling for wire-free operation. Now Akai have released two new wireless Bluetooth MIDI controllers, the LPD8 and the LPK25.

    These two new controllers are easily transportable and can be fitted into a backpack or laptop case. Both are battery powered allowing users to have clutter free operation while on-the-go.

    The LPK25 is a twenty five key MIDI keyboard while the LPD8 wireless is an eight pad MIDI controller.

    Both controllers can be connected to iOS or other computer based software for making music and they have a USB connection.

    The models are under £70 and they have four programmable memory banks. The controllers display versatility and flexibility expanding the possibilities for mobile producers.

    The Akai LPK25 and LPD8 will be on sale from next month. 

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  4. Introducing The Akai MPC Touch

    Gearooz presents Akai's new addition the MPC Touch. This new controller features classic MPC pads, a 7 inch multi-touch screen, and hands on controls. The versatility of the MPC allows users to mix beats, alter waveforms and edit MIDI.

    The powerful MPC software lets users easily manipulate music, grab and expand waveforms, draw envelopes and move notes on the sequencer grid.

    The MPC Touch has 16 pads which are velocity and pressure sensitive and can register with the slightest touch. The pads also illuminate in different colours to denote different modes and users can also configure colours. Also featured is note repeat for inputting notes quickly, half-level button for half-level pad velocity, audio input and output, and an erase button enabling users to eliminate any notes they wish.

    Located under the screen are main and menu buttons allowing users to access the MPC software, record, overdub, stop and play the controller. Alongside this the shift button can

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