1. The History of Album Covers

    In 1938 Alex Steinweiss created the idea of custom artwork on album covers and went on to design the first covers with original designs. Prior to this album covers consisted of a cardboard slip which had the name of the album as well as a stamp on the front with the artists name.

    The popularity of custom artwork came in the late 1940’s when major companies featured their own artwork on their albums. This is also when people were experimenting with more designs and steered away from the classic art that came with Alex Steinweiss’s album covers. Photography was quite quickly introduced to album covers with many including both artwork and photographs.

    Although the tone of music began to change throughout the years with events such as the war album covers generally remained the same with photographs of the artist or artwork representing them. The bright colours and bold visuals also stayed the same throughout the 40’s and 50’s however the quality of the covers did improv

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  2. Album vs Single: Pro's and Con's

    If you're apart of the music industry then you may know of the big album vs single debate. More and more artists are releasing single after single rather than producing an entire album, there are pros and cons to both but which one should you be working on? Hopefully these pointers can help you decide which would be the best decision for furthering your music career.

    As someone who may be in the early stages of their career you might be short on money and resources so this may determine which one you can afford, releasing a single is obviously less expensive which is why it’s such a popular choice for upcoming musicians. This is also because physical album sales are dropping as more people are streaming music online so that is definitely something to consider.

    There are of course some advantages to producing an album, one being that you might get more coverage of your music if you have released an entire album but that’s not a sure f

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  3. How to Self Release your Music

    After giving you a few tips for sending out your music to record labels we also wanted to help you out if you are thinking about releasing your own music. If you’ve been sending out your music and getting no responses then this may seem like a good idea, there are many albums that have seen success through self releasing but keep in mind doing it on your own will be a huge project and will cost a fair amount.

    Something we will look into closing in another blog is costing of making/recording your own music, without a label helping you out this cost will fall on you and it can quickly become very expensive. When it comes to distribution there is a few things you can do, a popular choice and an inexpensive one is to release it online. We’ve spoken a lot about releasing your music online on the blog so make sure you go over and read some of our online guides. If you want your music in shops then you will need a distribution deal of some sort, this can be difficult for someone tr

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  4. Musicians: Selling your music

    For musicians it can be hard to tell where you should be posting your music and if it will benefit you or harm your chances of success. The obvious place to start is social media, simply getting your music our there or at least teasers of your latest creations is a great way to gain attention and a fan base. Once you’ve got the hang of using social media to market your brand it’s time to start making money on your music, you can only go so long putting your music out there for free before you decide your stuff is worth a fee.

    Here are some ways to sell your music.

    The most popular way of consuming music these days is through streaming; right now there are multiple streaming apps which include Spotify, YouTube, Apple music, Amazon music and many more. Although anyone can create a YouTube account and primarily it’s free, you can make money from your music on YouTube. If you gain enough followers and views then it’s a great way to start earning some money and exposure.

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  5. Ed Sheeran's New Album Divide Hits One Million Sales In 16 Days

    Ed Sheeran has been dominating the Singles Chart this week with his newly released album Divide.  The singer, who released his first debut album back in 2011, has been number 1 for 10 weeks with his upbeat track ‘Shape Of You’.

    Sheeran’s Shape Of You has been No. 1 for ten weeks! In the past year alone the UK has seen Closer by the Chainsmokers also at No. 1 for nine weeks, 7 Years by Lukas Graham spent eight weeks at No. 1 and Drake’s One Dance and Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself all spent seven weeks on top. The song also sits alongside Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ and Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’.

    Sheeran is now only six weeks out from beating the iconic 1991 Bryan Adams hit ‘Everything I Do (I Do It For You)’, which holds the recor

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