1. Active vs Passive Speakers: The Basics.

    Before even thinking about going on the road with your talent its important to have the right gear, for you this could mean a variety of different things. If you’re a musician your going to need your instrument, if you’re a singer you’re going to need your mic. But one of the most important pieces of your entire collection are your speakers, to get anywhere with your talent you need your audience to hear you or your music.

    There are two different types of speakers, active and passive. Its important for all types of performers to know the difference.

    It can be quite difficult choosing which speakers to invest in, there are many different opinions on which produce better sound. Its important to know that although pas

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  2. One for the aspiring musicians, complete Ashton guitar kits!

    Ashton are renowned for their excellent guitars, with a sturdy build, beautiful finishes and smooth playability these are the ideal guitars for an aspiring musician looking for a beginner’s instrument.

     We have a variety of different Ashton guitars however for the complete beginners set up we offer packages which come with an Ashton guitar with an Ashton amp, bag and strap. Perfect for anyone who is starting with nothing and are looking for their guitar, these packages have it all for you in one place.

     A particularly stunning guitar is the Ashton AB4, with smooth sound and fast feel beneath your fingers this is a beautiful piece which is ready to play. The Ashton BPA18 is a powerful yet compact amp, perfect for entry level performers. The BPA18 delivers rich tones, however is also equipped with a headphone output for those who want silent practice, ideal for bedroom musicians.

     Whatever your style the Ashton BPA18 is a versatile product,

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  3. Why the Ibanez T30-E would be a great addition to your collection.

    When it comes to amplifiers immersive tone and portability are the two main characteristics musicians aim for. The Ibanez T series delivers all that and more, with its strikingly old style appearance of a hand crafted boutique amp. Ideal for venues such as coffee shops and religious venues, The Ibanez T30-E will fill the room with amazing sound.

     The Ibanez T30-E is also great for mobile performers as it was designed for maximum portability, making transport and set up quick and easy. Featuring an independent reamp in the mic input means it won’t be coloured by the effects going through the guitar side. Also featuring independent volume, bass and treble controls.

     For those who enjoy collecting old style equipment, or maybe your looking to complete your set up this would be a fantastic addition. Head over to where you can find a

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  4. Introducing the Behringer Eurolive Series!

    Introducing the Behringer Eurolive, a 3000-Watt active subwoofer provides the ultimate in low frequency reproduction. The Built in stereo crossover is ideally suited for use with any of the active 2 way speakers. In a completely redesigned and lightweight enclosure the subwoofer is the most durable and robust subwoofer ever.

     The Eurolive produces extreme levels of low-end punch with the definition and clarity typically reserved for much larger systems, you definitely get a lot more from this system than expected. The compact size of the speaker does not compromise its power in any way, making for a subwoofer which is perfect for mobile djs.

     Class D amplification offers the ultimate in energy efficiency and eliminating the need for heavy power supplies and massive heat sinks, all in an easy to use, portable package.

    Overall these systems provide deep, chest pounding bass that will capture a crowd all whilst being much lighter than their predecessor

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  5. One for the acoustic performers, the A1+ amp from Laney!

    Designed to give the acoustic player an amplified acoustic performance which matches those at the top end of the market, the A1+ delivers great acoustic amplification in a portable, compact package. Packed in a dual position wooden cab with a TüffStüff finish, the A1+ is sturdy and durable. Also included is a built in tripod stand mount which is great to optimize sound projection.

    With two identical but independent instrument/mic channels users can connect two instruments or two different inputs for the same instrument. Thanks to the high quality dome tweeter and 8”woofer the A1+ has impressive frequency response.

     If you’re interested in ordering the Laney A1+ then head over to where you will also find a list of all the features and specs.


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  6. Laney, Classic British Amplification brings to you the LV300T!

    Nothing compares to playing live acoustic music with the interaction with your audience and with the release of the LV300T which is designed to give you the power and tone to work the room. The LV300T is a 120W Tube RMS Combo with a real ECC83 tube and a pair of custom designed 12” HH drivers.

    The LV300T is packed with features which make it gig ready, ideal for live use. Its 120W output section is coupled to twin12” loudspeakers that have been custom designed for Laney by HH. Although Tubes add authenticity and character we know that they can be very heavy and much more expensive. However equipped with a real ECC83 tube means the LV300T is portable and practical which is ideal for mobile DJ’s.

    Some notable features are the 2 Drive channels with a ‘V’ switch giving you an instantly scooped tone plus as there is one per channel it gives flexibility to scoop the rhythm tone whilst leaving the solo tone unaffected. Not only that but the VTS

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  7. Check out our range of Ibiza Sound products!

    We are excited to offer you a whole new range of Ibiza products, from LED stands to speakers Ibiza bring an exciting energy to DJ products which have proven to be very popular. Here at Gearooz we particularly enjoy the LED Changing Speaker Tripod Package, the 3 legs contain RGB LED lighting effects that will bring something different to your staging. These eye catching accessories switch things up from your typical black tripod stands, and they are definitely going to draw in a crowd.

     If your looking to draw attention to the stage the Ibiza Sound products are a perfect addition, our Active DJ Speaker Package will illuminate the stage. Connect your SD card or USB stick and let the audience listen to your music through these light up subwoofers. With two passive speakers, stands and a mic

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  8. A Timeless Sound - The Bugera T5-Infinium Tube Amp!

    Bugera produce high quality guitar/bass tube amps and cabinets which not only look stunning but they have a fantastic sound due to the fact that Bugera make their own custom built products, which is also why they have such a distinct tone.

     The timeless vintage design and sound of the all tube amplifier has certainly made its mark, the wonderfully saturated and buttery vintage tones make for an undoubtedly impressive amp. Perfect for those who love collecting vintage pieces or perhaps to fit in with your old school style set up. Some of the amazing features this product boasts include a built in 2-way power attenuator which allows you to achieve the ultimate sound at any volume.

     The ultra easy to use vintage equalizer will have you dialling up the tone of your dreams. As well as all the other incredible features which you can review over on our website Bugera has topped it all off with a sweet sounding, high definition reverb that lends an air of timelessn

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  9. A beautifully vintage piece, The HoneyTone Guitar Amp!

    Looking for that special gift? The Danelectro HoneyTone mini guitar amp is a beautifully vintage piece and it won’t brake the bank. If your shopping for a bedroom performer who loves their classic music, then this would be a very unique gift. This definitive mini amp looks cool and produces ace sounds, much louder than most minis!

     With a real leather handle, belt clip and headphone jack plus volume, tone and overdrive controls this product does not cheap out on quality. The HoneyTone amp also comes in black for a subtler look.

     Both of the HoneyTone guitar amps are now available to order and will arrive in time for Christmas. This is the perfect gift for a beginner and is certain to bring big excitement in a small amp!

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  10. Just Added! The Tremo-Verb Amp.

    Just Added! The 1622RT Tremo-Verb, an update to the coveted late 60’s Supro combo platform. Full of amazing features, this compact amp pushes loud 25 watts through our custom made 10” speaker to capture the old school Supro in an amp. With its compact design it makes it easy to haul around to gigs.

     This is undoubtedly the most potent tube amp in the Supro line, the Tremo-Verb features blue rhino hide tolex and compact physical dimensions are drawn from the original combo of the mid 60’s. This modern reengineered product has been enhanced with enough Class A power to gig out alongside a pounding drummer and bassist.

     This is definitely an investment piece and and an item that will take your sound to the next level. We offer a finance scheme in which you can pay off your purchase over 6, 10, 12, 24 or 36 months.

     If you are interested in purchasing the Tremo-Verb for yourself head over to 

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