1. Tips for Handling Nerves Before a Gig

    For many musicians performing doesn’t come easy, the passion to create music doesn’t automatically come with the desire to get on stage and show the world. It’s completely understandable and is something a lot of artists have to deal with but there are a few things you can practice in order to ease those pre show nerves. We have a few posts centred about anxiety and shyness so if you need some more guidance on that please check out our blog. If you simply need some tips for battling the nerves then keep reading.

    Tell someone, if you’re working with another band, artist or a team of people make sure you let them know how you’re feeling. It can be daunting but chances are they’re also nervous; we all go through it at some stage so having someone who understands and can help you calm down is a whole lot better than being around people who have no idea

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  2. How To Cope With Anxiety And Shyness Whilst Pursuing Music

    Pursuing your career when you have crippling anxiety or shyness can be the most disheartening feeling ever, you want to do what you love but ultimately your body is say no. Djing can seem like a nightmare for someone who doesn’t like social environments but actually it can be a very lonely career path, probably ideal for the introverts out there. Being behind the decks means you can contribute to the music of the party whilst staying in your very comfortable booth.

    Whether you have anxiety, shyness or just love your own company there are ways to still pursue your dream of music even if it seems impossible. This applies to everyone not only those within the music industry, realistically there’s no real ‘cure’ instead it’s about coping with it and finding ways to help whilst your rocking it on stage or wherever you might be.

    The first thing to do is pin point the problem, what triggers your anxiety or shyness. It may be the fear of humiliation or failure, worryi

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