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  1. Best DJ Apps (iOS & Android)

    With digital djing becoming more popular it’s only right we give you the top DJing apps available to you on IOS and Android. Many still prefer to stick with physical copies of their music and equipment but with everything quickly becoming digital having apps so readily available means you can work on the go, anytime, anywhere.

    We’ve gathered a list of the best, must have DJ apps. Whether you’re an iOS user or Android there’s something on this list for you.

    Traktor DJ (iOS) - £9.99

    One for the more experienced DJ’s, Traktor is a very well known brand which offers high quality DJ products. Traktor have taken it digital with their Djing app, available on iPhone and iPad. This one allows you to mix tracks at a more advanced level.

    Serato Pyro (iOS) – Free

    Another popular brand, known for their pro software Serato have also created an app. Aimed at music fans Serato Pyro can take music from itunes and Spotify, making mixing easier for you it also o

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  2. Musicians: Selling your music

    For musicians it can be hard to tell where you should be posting your music and if it will benefit you or harm your chances of success. The obvious place to start is social media, simply getting your music our there or at least teasers of your latest creations is a great way to gain attention and a fan base. Once you’ve got the hang of using social media to market your brand it’s time to start making money on your music, you can only go so long putting your music out there for free before you decide your stuff is worth a fee.

    Here are some ways to sell your music.

    The most popular way of consuming music these days is through streaming; right now there are multiple streaming apps which include Spotify, YouTube, Apple music, Amazon music and many more. Although anyone can create a YouTube account and primarily it’s free, you can make money from your music on YouTube. If you gain enough followers and views then it’s a great way to start earning some money and exposure.

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  3. SoundCloud Fails To Deliver. Apple Music To The Rescue?

    A new deal has been formed between huge Apple Music streaming service and legal DJ mix site, Dubset. Their new deal enables today's DJs to legally upload their work to Apple Music and see it available to the service's ever increasing 11 million subscribers, worldwide.

    Over the years DJs have become increasingly frustrated at having their mixes, remixes and mashups removed from SoundCloud, but not any more! With the joining of Dubset and Apple Music, DJs can upload their mixes legally and not run the risk of them being taken down. This is possible as a result of Dubset's twin proprietary track ID analysis technologies, Mixbank and Mixscan. Segments of songs will be identified within other tracks, allowing the original creators, rights-holders and publishers to be compensated for the streams.

    Users of Apple Music will submit a track or mix to Dubset, which analyses the audio and IDs of the tracks featured. Once successful matches have been found, the system

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