1. Our Christmas Range 2018

    Christmas is officially upon us and many of us are getting ready to crack out the decorations and party equipment. If you’re on the lookout for some new lights, atmospherics or decor make sure you stick around for our range of products for 2018.

    If you’re in need of some new lighting for your home or a party then check out our silhouette path lights. You can turn your garden or path into a winter wonderland with these impressive Christmas star LEDs which give and enchanting white glow. With easy application you simply have to fix them to the ground using the attached spikes.

    The perfect addition to anyone’s lighting display or Christmas event, whether you’re working throughout the festive season or want to change up your lights these are sure to spread Christmas cheer to any audience. These copper wire stars come in a pack of three at a v

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  2. Our Halloween Favourites!

    With only a few weeks until Halloween we have put together a list of our favorite Halloween themed products. No Halloween party is complete without lighting and atmospheres and we have a range of high quality equipment from a variety of trusted brands.

     Whether you are a mobile DJ, bar and venue owner looking for lasers, scanners and strobes, or wanting to throw a spooky house party our variety of treats will add that fang-tastic effect to your venue.

    Halloween Party UV Strobe Smoke Machine package

    Looking for the ultimate spooky glow this set comes complete with a 600mm UV tube for a glow in the dark effect, a mini strobe for a high impact blinding effect and a 400w smoke machine for a creepy fog/mist effect.

    QTX Inflatable’s Light up Decoration

    Perfect for outdoor d

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  3. Get Ready for Halloween with our 2018 range!

    We are excited to offer you our brand new Halloween range for 2018; from pumpkin themed fairy lights to self inflating ghosts you can turn any party into a haunting experience with our Halloween decorations and effects. Whether you’re throwing a house party or performing at a themed event we have products from quality brands to help get any audience into the spirit of Halloween.

    We have a range of fun and colourful effects and atmospherics that can be used for any occasion, our Ultraviolet Black Light Effect Bar is perfect for creating a spooky atmosphere but can also be used at DJ events all year round.  We also have the Party Light and Sound Smoke Machine, an ideal addition to a haunted house or Halloween themed party but also a very popular effect used by many performers in their permanent set ups.

    Our Inflatable’s range from pumpkins to witches and ghouls, great for kids Halloween parties if you’re looking for something more child friendly. Want some outdoor effe

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  4. Atmospherics and why we need them.

    The world of music and DJing is constantly growing and with the continued struggle to get noticed you need to make sure you stand out. Back in the day you could set up your gear on a fold out table and you’d be good to go but that may not be enough nowadays, DJs are expected to put on a show and get the crowd going and although your music may be top quality you still need to show to go with it.

    Most if not all DJs playing in the biggest clubs will be using some sort of atmospheric effects, these range from smoke and bubble machines to full on pyrotechnics. If you’re looking to take your performance to the next level but want to start of small try a smoke machine, the most commonly using atmospheric.

    Smoke machines are great to use with your light shows, the smoke catches the light perfectly and really enhances your lighting. You can use all sorts of lighting effects with your smoke machine such as lasers, moving heads and beams. Smoke machines are just as

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  5. Gearooz are happy to offer the Chauvet DJ BOB LED Silk Flame Machine!

    The Chauvet BOB LED Silk Flame machine is a simulated flame effect which runs quieter and brighter than other models within the price range. This realistic atmospheric is great for all kinds of events, with legs and hanging chain this lighting effect can be placed on stages or hung from support systems.

     The BOB Flame would be ideal for garden parties, with the LED technology it means the BOB runs cool and therefore can be run all night long without the worry of a fire hazard. The silk flame machine brings atmosphere to any event and its user friendly design makes it perfect for casual parties as well as professional performances.

     Housing 66 orange and blue LEDs it produces and impressive output, giving you a brighter and more realistic flame. If you’re looking for that extra something for your weekend parties then head over to to secure your order, the BOB is

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  6. Check out our brand new premium atmospheric fluids!

    Whether you’re a DJ, musician or any type of performer your likely to have used or own atmospherics. At Gearooz we offer a wide range of effects from bubble machines to fog machines however what you may not know is that we also have a brand new range of high quality fluid solutions specifically for your machine which ever that may be.

     We also offer these solutions in packages of up to eight bottles for those who need to power multiple machines for large venues. We have premium haze fluid along with smoke and low level smoke fluid as well as premium bubble liquid all of which come individually or in packages of four or eight.

     All of our fluids produce the best quality effects, our haze solution is evenly dispersed to enhance your lighting and lasers. Our bubbles last longer than your standard liquid and our smoke is clear, odourless and leaves no residue, perfect for adding atmosphere to any event.

     For more information head over to

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