1. The perfect in-between systems, The FBT X Series!

    Renowned for their high quality products FBT continues to deliver outstanding equipment for djs and performers, and the latest addition to the brand does not break the trend. The X Series is the perfect product to fill the gap between the higher end professional models and the more affordable PA. The X Series is designed to provide incredible audio sound quality without breaking the bank.

     This series sits at the middle range level, giving you the best of both with great sound at a lower price. Each model comes with all the features need for a complete system, the series is a user friendly, budget pro sound system. The X-lite has strong metal construction with nylon connecting parts as well as scratch resistant power coating which helps with possible damage on the road. Also included is a durable carry bag with internal divider and straps, the X-Lite is ideal for mobile djs as its folds flat which makes transport very easy.

     The range is now available to pu

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  2. Your music will come to life with the SubPac S2!

    After the success of the SubPac S1 the brand has now released their latest addition to their line of revolutionary tactile audio systems. Building on an already popular product the team has taken a new approach in redesigning the S2, featuring all new ergonomic design with a flexible strapping solution for your chair, with updated materials throughout. With newly optimized tactile transducers, an improved battery life and the addition of Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP streaming.

     The SubPac series of tactile audio systems has quickly become an essential item for producers all round, with the SubPac being used in top studios in LA and London. The series does not just cater to producers, with its real depth and connection everyone can enjoy the SubPac whatever you play through it. The S2 is also extremely portable which is ideal for performers on the road.

     With the added effect of physical bass your music and media will come to life, delivering the very familiar experie

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  3. The Ultimate Desktop Audio Interface for Professional Recording!

    Apogee Quartet is the ultimate desktop audio interface and studio control centre, its sleek, modern design makes it a perfect fit for your DJ set up.  Great for professional recording on Mac and IPad, this product is made for musicians, producers and engineers who are looking for the ultimate sound quality and studio control in a compact desktop form factor.

     When you buy and register your Apogee Quartet you unlock a wide range of incredible features, great prices on Waves audio plugins, as well as discount codes. You can also take advantage of Quartet’s low latency USB connection and powerful native Mac processing to join the ranks of top engineers and producers.

     You can count on Waves and Apogee to give you everything you need to deliver hit after hit.  Apogee offer a range of great products which enable you to produce the best content you can, head over to to

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  4. The best companion for DJ's on the go!

    The Lucas 2K18 is a popular choice for DJ’s on the go, those who work weddings, galas, birthdays and similar events find the Lucas 2K18 is a great companion on the road. No other portable system can compare to this compact system and its ability to produce the perfect balance between soothing background music, crisp and articulate speech reinforcement, and huge dance floor-filling beats.

     With premium quality features and a newly developed 2,000-watt power amplifier this system was designed to meet the needs of DJ’s. Some other great features this PA delivers are an extremely natural, transparent and easily understandable voice reproduction, making it ideal for wedding speeches and celebratory toasts.

     As well as that the Lucas 2k also offers soft background music whenever required. For example, celebratory dinners. And for the parties the Lucas 2k calls on its superior power reserves to deliver powerful bass at high volumes all the while remain

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  5. Avante Audio Launches New Achromic Speakers

    New company Avante Audio has launched its Achromic Series, a range of active loudspeakers with a sleek and minimalist design.

    Created by the ADJ Group of Companies, Avante Audio is set to produce high quality speakers that offer both high quality sound and aesthetic beauty.

    Focusing on affordability and excellent audio quality, the Achromic Series is aimed at mobile DJs, bands, venues, and performers who are looking for powered loudspeakers that look unique. 

    The Series includes three full-range loudspeaker options: the 10" A10, 12" A12, and 15" A15. Power ranges from 1000 Watts for the A10, to 1200 Watts for the A12 and A15. Alongside this, there are also two active subwoofer options, the 15" A15S and the 18" A18S. Both feature an integrated powerful Class D amplifier that delivers 1600 Watts.

    Every model in the Achromic Series features a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), accessible via an LCD screen on the rear panel of the speaker. This all

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  6. American Audio Launches 6 New Products At NAMM 2017

    American Audio has announced six new additions to its line-up of professional audio products at this year’s 2017 NAMM show in Los Angeles, California. The new items comprise three corded microphone, two pairs of headphones and package of four wireless microphones with a 4-way 1U rack-mount receiver.

    American Audio’s new range of vocal microphones offer affordability, reliability, and high audio quality. Included in the collection is the entry level microphone, the VPS-20, a low-cost general purpose Cardioid microphone. Secondly is the VPS-60, a supercardioid stage microphone that offers minimum handling noise and maximum sound quality.

    Finally, the last microphone, is the VPS-80, a microphone ideal for mobile DJs and musicians. It has ultra-smooth frequency accurate response and it provides clear, and natural sound while its supercardioid pattern ensures maximum gain before feedback. All three of the new microphone models include a

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  7. Gearooz Sells JTS

    Gearooz have recently added a new range of microphone and receiver systems to their website by JTS, Just True Sound.

    JTS combine modern technology and sophisticated aesthetics when designing their professional microphone range, all of which are affordable, reliable, high performance rated and excellent quality assured.

    JTS microphones are so successful as a result of their user orientated design policy, in which all products are tested practically and technically. Products are tested in a fully equipped recording studio, ensuring the end user is always at the forefront. JTS utilizes the most advanced equipment, constantly updating materials and techniques during product development stages, ensuring legendary product performance and quality.

    All professional microphones, headsets, bodypacks, transmitters and receivers found on the Gearooz JTS page are excellent quality and aim to provide our customers with top quality audio. With options such as sele

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