Berlin-based startup Lofelt has released a small watch-sized device that acts as a wearable subwoofer to transfer the bass tones of your music straight to your body.

Using haptic- technology and Bluetooth, the Basslet is worn around the wrist and it has a similar designed to the iWatch being sleek, compact and lightweight.

This portable Basslet unit can transfer bass frequencies that allow users to feel kick drums and every groove of the bass line without making noise to the outside world.

It listens to whatever you've got going on in your headphones, and using a small vibrating unit built into its black plastic body, it taps that bass frequency out physically on your wrist, similar to the haptic feedback on an Apple watch, or the vibrate in a phone.

It's an experience completely different than listening to music with headphones or through regular speakers and it works seamlessly with already existing apps like Spotify and Apple Music with no co

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