Introducing Munich’s newest nightclub hotspot, the Met Bar is an exclusive joint for bees only.

This eco-friendly miniature multi-storey design was created by creative agency Edgy and Cheesy, aimed to attract honeybees back into the city and give them the support they need to thrive.

Highlighting the deteriorating population of bees, the Met Bar is a six-floor structure that features graffiti on the walls and a dirty and gritty exterior. It has been kitted out just like an industrial nightclub with the aim to give bees a safe haven and allow them to socialise and buzz around freely.

In recent years crop pollinating honeybees have rapidly decreased and have been added to the endangered species list with their extinction threatening the world’s food supply.  However installed on a roof this newly developed and unique hive will hopefully attract these small creatures in the hope that they start to repopulate.

 The humorous and witty

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