Something you may or may not be familiar with as an artist is your artist’s bio; this is something you will need when marketing yourself or your band. A bio includes a short description about yourself, your music and what you wish to accomplish as musicians. You need to make it interesting and unique to yourself; ultimately you want your bio to draw people to you. 

If you know what you need to write but struggling to get started or unsure exactly what needs to be said then hopefully these tips will help you out.

Firstly start with yourself, or as a band. You want to tell people why you’re doing what you do, what you represent as musicians and what it means to you, make it authentic try not to follow what other artist’s write. If you are struggling to set yourself apart from the rest then switch things up, think of something you can do that others haven’t and use this to stand out from the sea of other artist bios.

You want to share what you hope to accomplish

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