1. Is your aim for Perfection Ruining your Music Career?

    It’s natural as a creative to want to excel and creative something you’re proud of, however it’s also natural to be a bit of a perfectionist. Those in the creative industry tend to struggle with this when it comes to releasing their work to the world and this is prominent within the music industry.  It’s great to want to do your best and to be so passionate about music to work so hard on it but it can have a negative impact on your work if you let it get in the way.

    We are all guilty of judging our work a little too harshly; we are our own worst critic after all but you may be thinking that it’s getting to the point where your perfectionism is having a negative impact on your work.

    We all have natural concerns when it comes to creating and releasing work, we fear failure, we compare ourselves to others and we worry about others opinions. The key is to figuring out where it’s affecting your work and how to deal with it; hopefully these tips will help you out.

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  2. Why a Blog is so Important for your Music Career

    Social media is an ever growing industry and for musicians it’s a huge part of finding success and building on your career. You’re probably very familiar with the popular social channels and I’m sure you are already using them to their full advantage. But something to consider, if you haven’t already is to start a blog or YouTube channel. More and more people are using these channels to get their music into the world and many have found great success from it.

    The great thing about these channels is that it can bring opportunities you many never have considered pursuing in your career. People have received invites to events, promotional work and other jobs which all came from postings videos and content on their blog and YouTube. Granted it’s a competitive industry, it always will be but it’s well worth it if there’s a chance it can help your career.

    When you think of a blog you might instantly think of writing but you can tailor it to your career, a blog doesn’t just

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  3. How to Create your own Music Blog

    There are many reasons you should have a blog or a place on the internet especially if you’re pursuing a career in music. Not only does it show professionalism but it also gives you a way to connect with your fans and any possible clients. If you’re a musician it’s a great way to sell merch or digital copies of your work, if you want to try out music journalism then a blog is a great place to start. It will become part of your business no matter which path you decide to take within the industry.

    An obvious place to start if you’re thinking of creating an online space is to have a focus, this is probably something you’ve already thought of or decided. Depending on your focus your site will look different; if you’re a musician then you will want people to be able to access your music easily on your site as well as a shop section for any merch or digital music. If you’re a writer then you will want clear categories for your different posts. You will always want to include a sec

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