1. The Bohemian Oil Can Guitars, New Designs!

    We have spoken about oil can guitars before on the blog however we are excited to now offer you a variety of new designs and colours. Bohemian bass guitars are light and with a small body shape you can access higher frets. These are great instruments to play for a bit of fun or to provide your musical skills, the internal wood structure inside of the body creates exceptional balance and weight distribution so although these may not look very comfortable these basses always rest comfortably.

     Also unique to the Bohemian guitars is the removable back panel, giving easy access to the interior of the bass body. The Bohemians obviously unique design makes for a distinctive sound. This bass has a great, open tonality with bags of sustain adding something different to your performance these guitars are bound to catch everyone’s attention.

     Bohemian is a wonderful brand and is committed to building guitars sustainability by using less lumber than a traditiona

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  2. Protect your guitar with the Bohemian Case

    We recently spoken about the Bohemian Oil Can Guitar and now we are bringing you the specifically designed Bohemian Guitar case to protect your new instrument. This is perfect for any of your Bohemian Guitars and with this custom hard case its sure to be safe on the road and between gigs.

     The case has Brown Leatherette Exterior, Gold Piping and a Black plush interior. Some other features include an Internal Accessory Compartment, a Heavy Duty Zip, Flexible comfort carry handles and the signature Bohemian logo.

     If you are looking to purchase a Bohemian Guitar and a case don’t forget to check out all the colour options we have on offer, we are happy to help with any questions you may have. All of our Bohemian Guitars and cases are available to order online at

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  3. Bohemian Oil Can Guitar - Review

    This fun and unique bohemian guitar is light, with a small body shape that allows increased access to the higher frets. The innovative design will certainly gain the attention of your audience, these guitars are harmonically rich with the pickups and metal bodies of the instrument melding into a beautifully open and airy tone.

     Not only are these guitars unique but are produced at a high standard, the removable back panel, very special to Bohemian giving easy access to the entire interior of the guitar body. Bohemian is also dedicated to creating guitars sustainably by using less lumber than a traditional guitar, with necks coming from sustainable forests or reclaimed woods and the bodies are made partially from recycled materials.

     If your interested in this unique design and want to know more head over to, The Bohemian guitar is available to order now from our website.

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