On Sunday 17th April Gearooz took part in the 2016 Brighton Marathon with their own Water Station.

Gearooz volunteers began setting up their water station on Marlborough Place Road, Victoria Gardens at 6am; hanging banners and flags, arranging tables on either side of the road and pouring roughly 10,000 cups of water. By 9am mile 3 was buzzing with Gearooz volunteers ready and waiting for the mass of runners due to descend in under an hour.

It was important to show support to the thousands of marathon runners so each Gearooz volunteer and member of the mile 3 crowd was equipped with Gearooz whistles and bang bang sticks. This made the first water station on the course a vibrant refuelling stop for the runners.

This years Brighton Marathon was the biggest ever with a record number of 10,947 people starting the race following Zoe Ball's pistol in Preston Park. By 9.30am Gearooz began to see some of the runners making their way to the station and by 1

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