Bugera produce high quality guitar/bass tube amps and cabinets which not only look stunning but they have a fantastic sound due to the fact that Bugera make their own custom built products, which is also why they have such a distinct tone.

 The timeless vintage design and sound of the all tube amplifier has certainly made its mark, the wonderfully saturated and buttery vintage tones make for an undoubtedly impressive amp. Perfect for those who love collecting vintage pieces or perhaps to fit in with your old school style set up. Some of the amazing features this product boasts include a built in 2-way power attenuator which allows you to achieve the ultimate sound at any volume.

 The ultra easy to use vintage equalizer will have you dialling up the tone of your dreams. As well as all the other incredible features which you can review over on our website Bugera has topped it all off with a sweet sounding, high definition reverb that lends an air of timelessn

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