1. Extend your creativity with the 3-in-1 Cameo Flat Storm Par Can!

    The Cameo Flat Storm is an amazing 3 in 1 Par can, ideal for mobile djs and small venues. This product provides that extra creativity in one small fixture, with its four DMX modes, sound activation and built in automated programs as well as master slave and standalone capabilities.

     Combined with impressive grating laser and intense strobe effects, this versatile product delivers high speed strobe and beautiful colour options for a captivating light show. For extra flexibility, the Flat Storm includes effective single pixel control and the option to use par can, strobe and laser functions individually.

     The Flat Storm is great for all kinds of set ups; with mounting brackets you can easily install the fixture anywhere or it can be placed on the floor for more casual gigs, also included is a convenient infrared remote control.

     The Cameo Flat Storm is in stock now; y

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  2. Adam Hall Partners with Daslight To Create New DMX Interface

    Introducing the Cameo DVC 4, this new DMX interface is powered by Daslight and is the first product to emerge from the recent partnership between Adam Hall and Nicolaudie Group.  

    The Cameo interface offers 512 DMX channels and has accompanying control software, Cameo D4 which allows users to put on fantastic light shows and it is available as a free download.

    The Cameo DVC 4 is a professional DMX system compatible with Mac or PC, it is ideal for mobile DJs and lighting providers who are looking to produce a more versatile light show and one that they have control over.

    Included in the software is an expansive library of over 15,000 fixtures and custom device profiles can be easily created using the built-in scan library editor resulting in a device that is user-friendly.

    Users can quickly create complex lightshows on the Cameo D4 software thanks to the included XEEL effect engine, which offers a variety of different effects that can be comb

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  3. Cameo Flat Storm

    Gearooz introduces the new Flat Storm strobe from Adam Hall's lighting brand Cameo. This 3-in-1 projector is a new and unique lighting effect which combines impressive grater laser lighting, intense LED strobe, and red,green and blue wash lighting. These fantastic features are all integrated into one compact par can style fixture.

    The versatile Flat Storm uses new technologies and displays six 9-watt RGB LEDs for vivid colour mixing, and a total of 24 bright white 0.5W LEDs to create high-speed strobe effects. These LEDs are complimented by a Class 3R grating sharp laser effect that utilises the red and green lights.

    Perfect for nightclubs, special occasions or parties, this strobe will improve any light show and excite your audience. For extra flexibility, the fixture also includes individual pixel control of the six RGB LEDs as well as the option to use the wash, strobe and laser functions individually.

    Controlled via four DMX modes, sound

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