1. Gearooz are happy to offer the Chauvet DJ BOB LED Silk Flame Machine!

    The Chauvet BOB LED Silk Flame machine is a simulated flame effect which runs quieter and brighter than other models within the price range. This realistic atmospheric is great for all kinds of events, with legs and hanging chain this lighting effect can be placed on stages or hung from support systems.

     The BOB Flame would be ideal for garden parties, with the LED technology it means the BOB runs cool and therefore can be run all night long without the worry of a fire hazard. The silk flame machine brings atmosphere to any event and its user friendly design makes it perfect for casual parties as well as professional performances.

     Housing 66 orange and blue LEDs it produces and impressive output, giving you a brighter and more realistic flame. If you’re looking for that extra something for your weekend parties then head over to to secure your order, the BOB is

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  2. The Chauvet Geyser is a dynamic pyrotechnic, great for all events!

    The Chauvet Geyser P7 is a dynamic pyrotechnic, perfect for all types of events. Take your performance to the next level with fog, haze and bubble machines. The Geyser P7 creates bursts of colourful fog effects, with two LED zones you can create two tone bursts of fog without the use of any toxic chemicals, fire or CO2 canisters. The Geyser is a perfectly safe way of changing up your events.

     You can control the unit from the built in DMX or the included wireless remote, which is where you can assign different colours to the remote’s buttons. The on-board display allows for easy use even in dark environments.  

     if your looking for the fog solution to go along with your machine we also offer signal bottles of the solution as well as packages for up to eight bottles, all at great prices so that you can order everything you need in one place.

     If you’re interested in our atmospheric effects or the Chauvet Geyser P7 then head

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  3. The Chauvet Freedom H1, an effortless design.

    The Freedom H1 is designed for effortless transport and set up, the H1 a compact, wireless, battery operated, single hex colour wash light. Its magnetic base makes mounting to most metal surfaces quick and easy. The included magnetic gel holder allows for quick swapping of filters and gradients.

     Another great feature is the digital display for maximum control and adjustment of all settings. Control options include stand alone mode, wireless DMX or IR. The H1 system includes four fixtures, four diffusers, a protective carry bag, multi charger and IRC-6 remote.

     The Freedom H1 comes as a quad pack making this the ultimate lighting set up, with a maximum run time of 8 hours all one or up to 20 hours’ single colour. The H1 is a great package for all types of artists.

     To secure your pack you can Pre-order your Freedom H1 package now at

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  4. Chauvet DJ, New To 2018!

    Chauvet DJ will light up 2018 with a whole host of new lighting upgrades and tools. Chauvet are one of the leading brands in lighting and their cutting edge, innovative creations are constantly raising the bar.

     We are all excited to see what Chauvet has in store for 2018 and we can give you an insight into all the new products coming your way. A newcomer for Chauvet is the Gigbar Flex, designed for mobile performers the Gigbar Flex is a versatile, lightshow machine featuring two LED Derbys, RGB+UV LED Quad colour pars and strobes. And for added creativity it has a pass through mounting hole for use with a variety of stage and speaker stands.

     Another exciting addition is the Wash FX2, debuting at NAMM. The multi purpose effect light has 18 quad colour LEDs that can be used as a regular wash light or an eye cand

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  5. Pre-order now! The Chauvet Cumulus.

    Great for professional performers who are into their atmospherics, The Cumulus is a low lying fog machine that creates thick clouds without the need for dry ice. The added ultrasonic agitator converts distilled water into a thin mist.

     No waiting around the unit’s fast heat up time allows quick and easy operation and fog on demand. If you’re a mobile performer and worried about damaging your equipment the Cumulus has a rugged flight case which makes transportation safe and simple and locking casters prevent accidental damage.

     As this is an investment item we do offer finance to help spread to cost over 6, 10, 12, 24 or 36 months, to apply for our finance scheme head over to This is also a Pre-Order item so secure yours now to be one of the first to get your hands on the Chauvet Cumulus. 

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  6. Ideal for Video Producers! The Chauvet Eve P-150 Black Light Cannon.

    The Chauvet Eve Black Light Cannon is perfect for use within video production, designed without a fan and its silent operation combined with its flicker free outputs make it ideal for video use. No need to worry about the noise of the fixture coming across on camera, you can now get amazing light shows on video.

     The Eve P-150 UV is D-Fi USB compatible giving users the option to control the light wirelessly in master/slave mode or wireless DMX control. Some other great features included are magnetic lenses to adjust the beam as well as a gel frame holder and accessory slot for optional barn doors.

     If you’re a professional videographer and need a high tech quality lighting fixture for your project the EVE P-150 UV is a great choice, it is quite the investment piece however Gearooz offer a finance option to help you spread the cost over 6, 10, 12, 24 or 36 months. To find out more about our finance scheme head over to 

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  7. Chauvet GIGBar 2 Lighting Package - Review

    GIGBar 2 is a 4-in-1 lighting pack including UV in it’s pars and strobes for increased colour mixing and effects. The GIGBar 2 includes a pair of LED Derby fixtures, LED pars, a laser, and 4 high power LED strobe lights all mounted on one bar.

     This is a great fixture if your looking for something with all your lighting in one place. 4 fixtures all in one package, no fuss. With 4 individually adjustable and interchangeable heads you can still tailor you shows and create a unique lighting display, you are not restricted with the GIGBar 2.

     The strobes allow you to create exciting chase and slow motion effect and the adjustable red and green lasers scatter hundreds of bright bots and beams which will cover an entire room, great for parties. The GIGBar 2 has an included mounting bracket making it easy to attach to truss or other applications. Get in and get out quickly with the included tripod, wireless footswitch and free carry bags. 

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  8. Make it a white christmas this year, The Intimidator 255!

    Looking for the perfect moving head for a your white christmas event? The Chauvet Intimidator Spot now in white is ideal if you are in need of lighting which will fit into an all white set up, or perhaps you are working in a more elegant venue and need a less robust looking moving head. The intimidator is a feature rich moving head spot, this power packed member of the intimidator family will transform any event and capture the crowd with its lighting effects.

     This pair will look truly stunning in your set up, its minimal and modern style will fit into any venue seamlessly. Some of the amazing features include electronic dimmer, split beam with 3 facet prism, easy access gobo door for quick gobo changes and sound activated programs.

     If you are interested in this pair and want to find out more head over to where you can view the list of features and specs of this product. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our gurus on our 

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  9. Start Your Party Off With A Bang - The Chauvet Funfetti Cannon

    Become the life of the party with the Chauvet Funfetti Shot High Powered DMX Cannon. This professional confetti launcher features an easy, single person set up and operation. The perfect addition to concerts, parties, festivals and other special events, you are sure to impress your crowd with this confetti cannon. No compressed air or CO2 is needed; you just need to add confetti! Making this super easy to use.

    The Chauvet confetti cannon works with a variety of confetti refills including the Funfetti shot refill. Choose from colour, mirrored and even UV confetti as well as other confetti types. You simply control the cannon from a handy LCD display, the included wireless remote or via DMX.

    Need to mount this easily within your set up, the Funfetti cannon includes a double bracketed yoke for easy floor mounting or hanging on trussing and fits best in the CHS-50 VIP Gear bag. The Chauvet Shot can be included in any show because of its compact size and lightweight. Some

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  10. Battery Par, ADJ, LEDj and Chauvet - How Do They Compare?

    How do they compare?

    We will be comparing battery par’s from ADJ, LEDJ and Chauvet.

    With all three having the wireless feature we wanted to compare all three lines to see which the top contender is.  I will be reviewing the specs of all three products to give you my rating and recommendation.

    ADJ Element Hexip Outdoor Wireless Battery Par.

    With the ability for indoor and outdoor use and a battery life which sits in the middle of its competitors at 11 hours on a single colour as well as in price at £249 ADJ is definitely a great contender.  This battery par also comes with a remote control an energy saving mode and a battery charge time of 4.5 hours.

    The LEDJ Rapid Wireless DMX Battery Par.

    With an extended batte

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