1. Chord Self Build CAL Electric Guitar

    Want to start building your own equipment? With a complete kit of finished parts you can build your very own ‘Chord’ CAL electric guitar. A solid alder body and maple neck with kabukalli fingerboard and a pre-wired pickguard with 3 single coil pickups and standard controls, you have everything you need to become a pro. High grade materials are used and carefully machined to enable assembly without special skills or tooling.

     If you are a beginner or interested in what goes into building these amazing pieces then this product is a great starting point. With an easy set up this ideal for all abilities, a fun activity to do with friends or family no matter what the use this is a unqiue product that’s definitely worth checking out. 

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  2. Chord Electric Bass Guitars - The CAB42

    Looking to add another guitar to your collection? Investing in your first instrument?

    Chord Electric Bass Guitars. Launched in 2010 Chord offers everything a musician would need, from guitars and percussion to amplifiers and stands. Their attention to detail and reliability has given the Chord brand a high quality reputation, giving great customer services and always aimer to better their products for their customers.

     An example of one of Chords impressive products, the CAB42 is a classic style, yet a versatile bass guitar. A sturdy and stylish design along with the rest of Chord’s electric bass guitar line. Great for all styles from jazz to rock this is a quality piece of equipment.

     If you are just starting out or adding this beautiful guitar to your ever growing collection a Chord product is a great purchase. An all round so

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