A dark corner of a club is a familiar scene to a DJ and without correct lighting over a mixing board knobs and faders can be hard to see.

If you are wanting to easily navigate your mixer in low light settings then look no further than DJ TechTools Chroma Caps.
The bright coloured caps come in twelve different colours and are easy to install. Simply pull the old or exisiting knobs straight up to avoid twisting and bending them. Alternatively, use a small coin or butter knife to lever them off (making sure you don’t bend the shaft)  then replace with the new chroma caps.

With large markers and a soft rubber exterior chroma caps are 30% wider than standard DJ caps and have grippable markings. They only support 0 and 90 degree pot postitions which is found on most common mixers including Pioneer, Allen and Heath.

Available in four sizes;  the encoder knob, the fatty knob, the super knob and faders, the caps all fit on a 6.5

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