1. How To Get A Free Gig!

    If you’re relatively new to the music industry and gigging then doing free gigs is definitely worth your time, it’s a great way to gain experience but it can also have a bunch of other benefits. Practicing is key to growing in the industry and doing free gigs is the perfect place to practice stage presence, communication with the audience and getting used to being on stage.

    Being so new to the business means you probably won’t get a paid gig for a little while, at least until your skills improve along with your experience. But don’t be disheartened getting a gig even if it’s free is an enormous step in the right direction so if its right for you don’t turn it down. Putting effort and time into a performance when you’re not being paid shows determination and passion.

    There are so many opportunities to get free gigs, from open mic nights to small pubs and bars in your local area. Any pub owner would be happy to have a free performance as long as you show your serious a

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  2. A Guide to the Best Ibiza Parties 2018!

    With summer holidays in full swing we wanted to give you a guide to the best Ibiza parties, for those who are regulars to the island every summer this may help you priorities the events you are yet to experience in Ibiza. And for newcomers the island is crazy during this season so picking the best parties to attend is vital to having a great summer. Here are some of the most popular events that we think you’ll love.

    MK & Friends Area 10 Pool Party, located at Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Starting July 9th you can join MK amongst other names poolside for some amazing music, every Monday until August 6th. Everyone loves a pool party during summer and what better way to experience one.

    Together at Amnesia, one of the most famous clubs on the island which never disappoints with incredible parties every year. After seven seasons on the island, Together announce their return to Amnesia. Starting June 5th and coming to a close on the September 18

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  3. How To: Secure A Gig

    If you’re looking to secure some more gigs then there’s no better place than on a night out. Even if you’re just enjoying a weekend out with some friends you always want to be on your game if an opportunity arises, you don’t want to lose out to someone else who so happened to have their mix track on them. We wanted to offer some tips to getting work whilst at the club.

    Firstly, always have your work to hand. Remember to bring along your tracks whether on a disc or USB, you never know when you may get the opportunity to show it to a promoter. Although you may not get a gig out of it immediately word of mouth can be a powerful thing and will at least get people listening to your sound which will result in gigs eventually.

    You want to get to know others within the industry, even if you feel you won’t connect on a friendship level its always important to have contacts. Make the effort, but don’t go pushing it on anyone as it will not get you work. Working with other DJ’s

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  4. How To: DJ Residency

    If you’ve read our DJing: Where to Start? Blog post and you’re now looking to further your career a residency is the perfect way to go. If you’re looking into a residency then we assume you have an idea of what that entails, if not here is a quick explanation. Once a DJ has mastered the main techniques and is confident enough to take on a real crowd then they can go onto securing a residency, which in short means you have somewhere to play regularly, however this is different depending on the venue, this can be a once a week deal or a spot at a resort for the season, like Ibiza. When thinking about taking on a residency this is something to consider.

    Securing a residency is a huge goal for most DJs, and for obvious reasons. Not only does it bring in a regular income but it is a great way to take your career to the next level, it gives you a chance to perform in front of a crowd on a regular basis. Having a residency puts you on the radar, you can invite other professionals t

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  5. ADJ Pocket Pro LED DJ Club Moving Head

    The new ADJ Pocket Pro is available to now; this fixture has been transformed from the base up creating a compact and affordable spot moving head. We listened to our customers and the new Pocket Pro has a manual focusing wheel which allows users easy and precise focusing of the GOBOs resulting in all applications looking crisp and of high quality. Our aim was to find the perfect solution to make the Pocket Pro brighter than its predecessor. With a new LED source this fixture produces the output and kick needed in smaller venues. The Pocket Pros compact size makes for perfect use in small clubs, bars as well as mobile performers. It is also great for events, custom projection in lounges or retail environments, the pocket pro will transform any space you put it in. The Pocket Pro includes a locking powerCon for power, never having to worry about vibration or not having a secure AC connection. Featuring seven different colours plus white and seven replaceable GOBOs, plus four addition

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  6. Moving Wall Nightclub Planned For Ministry Of Sound Scrapped

    A venue with sliding walls was set to be built as a new venue for London nightclub Ministry Of Sound, according to the architecture firm OMA who were enlisted for the work, but plans were unexpectedly scrapped.

    OMA claim it won a competition in 2015 to create the design for the world famous nightclub and it has now shared previously unseen images of the proposed plans, including images which show a mechanically sliding wall at the building’s entrance in Elephant & Castle, South London.

    The firm’s other images depict the venue with seven floors including a VIP roof terrace and a basement VIP area.

    Based on the firm’s research studio, one proposed concept for the venue would be that it changes its shape from day to night thanks to its mechanical walls that life up and down. It would also offer work and office space during the daytime and a vinyl and coffee shop area.

    In a post on his Facebook page OMA partner Ippolito Pestellini La

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