Annie Mac has released a new mini-documentary on UK club culture which is now available to stream on the bbc website.  

The 30-minute one-off special, titled Who Killed The Night, sees Annie investigate why the UK has lost over half its clubs in the last decade. The programme also sees her interviewing and chatting with members of the public including regular party goers and key industry figures including London’s Night Czar, Amy Lamé.

Throught the show Annie Mac raises many issues, exploring the current controversies circling the nightlife scene.

Annie also raises questions even asking:  “Is it property developers, the police or local councils who are contributing to the decline? Is it the music the clubs are creating? Or is it simply the fact young people are changing the way choose to party, with the advent of all-day parties, illegal raves and the internet?”

The BBC personality  and DJ proclaims in the show:

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