Emotion is vital if you want to be a part of the music business, it’s what creates the music and it’s what creates the relationships. If you have that passion and drive to put your all into your music you are sure to go far but the problems start to arise when you let that take a negative turn, passion can quickly turn into anger and conflict which can seriously damage your career.

With such drive for something it’s natural to want to do your best and to be in control to ensure maximum success but if you’re unable to handle your emotions off stage it will cause problems. The music business is no picnic and you will come across people who have different opinions and who you may not get along with, it’s expected but no matter what you need to be the better person, holding a grudge will do no good.

The music business is all about making connections and collaborating with people within the business to better yourself and your career so it’s important to maintain those re

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