1. How To Get Your Music Into Film/TV!

    We’ve recently covered gaming and what it takes to get your music into the industry; we will now be taking a deeper look into TV and films. Although similar they do have different requirements, and TV and film is probably one of the best ways to get exposure and gain huge success if it’s in a hit show or award winning film.

    The similarities between games and TV/films is being able to understand how music affects moments within the scenes, just like gaming genre and environment determine the type of music used. In film and TV you have a never ending list of genres and music will differ when comparing comedy to a period drama or horror to a romance. Not only is a genre important but common scenario such as cliff hangers, deaths and dramatic moments will determine the type of music.  And just like gaming is vital that you research and gain knowledge of the industry and how music within films and TV has changed over the years.

    When you are making music with the idea of p

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  2. How To Get Your Music Into Games!

    We’ve spoken a lot about what it takes to become a DJ, producer and musician but one of the most sort after and popular career paths to purse when it comes to music is gaming, TV and film. All require similar things but we will be focusing on gaming today, it’s possibly the hardest type of media to get your music onto but not impossible. If you’re already an established producer or composer you have a much better chance however we will assume you are somewhat of a beginner looking for some tips.

    One of the most important qualities you must have is a love of gaming; I’m sure that if you’re looking into composing music for a game that you must want to combine your passion for games and music. You need to have a wide knowledge of gaming and the different genres, studios and systems. Every system and genre has different requirements, Nintendo games sound different to action/shooter games so it’s important that you know the difference and keep up to date with the latest music in

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