1. How Bad Relationships can affect your Career

    Emotion is vital if you want to be a part of the music business, it’s what creates the music and it’s what creates the relationships. If you have that passion and drive to put your all into your music you are sure to go far but the problems start to arise when you let that take a negative turn, passion can quickly turn into anger and conflict which can seriously damage your career.

    With such drive for something it’s natural to want to do your best and to be in control to ensure maximum success but if you’re unable to handle your emotions off stage it will cause problems. The music business is no picnic and you will come across people who have different opinions and who you may not get along with, it’s expected but no matter what you need to be the better person, holding a grudge will do no good.

    The music business is all about making connections and collaborating with people within the business to better yourself and your career so it’s important to maintain those re

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  2. How to Deal with a Lazy Band Member

    After writing our ‘How to deal with issues within your band’ blog post I figured it might help some of you out if we went into further detail about team work and the importance of making sure everyone within the band is doing their part.

    As mentioned in our previous post if someone in the band starts slacking or not pulling their weight issues will start to arise and it can have a huge affect on the dynamics of the band and ultimately your careers as a group. If you feel like all the responsibilities are landing on you and the other members are not doing their fair share or maybe you’re the one who hasn’t been doing your part there’re a few things you can do to switch things up.

    Naturally most bands fall into a very effective strategy of working to their strengths; it’s inevitable that individuals within the band will be better at certain things so use this to your advantage. You will likely need someone to take care of writing, organizing, booking and marketing amon

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  3. How to Deal with Issues within your Band

    Being a part of a band is one of the greatest ways to take on the music industry, music can bring people together and many build strong lasting relationships because of it. Having a small group of people who you can connect with and trust whilst pursuing your dream of making music is what many musicians aspire to.

    Touring the world with your best friends, writing, producing and performing can be amazing but it doesn’t go without some conflicts. When you’re spending so much time with people who are creative and opinionated it’s common for there to be disagreements and arguments amongst a band but to ensure it doesn’t damage your career as a band you must learn how to communicate and handle it. Hopefully these tips will help you resolve any issues you may be having with your own band.

    The most important thing within a band or any organization for that matter is communication, you must be able to sit down and discuss any problems or issues someone may have within the ba

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