With more and more kids wanting to give DJing a try and bringing light to the art, examination boards across the UK have taken notice and it is now considered an important choice within secondary education and now counts towards a student’s Music GCSE in the UK.

For many who have grown up not really knowing where to begin with the music industry and more specifically DJing this is a big step into supporting DJing as a career choice and an art form. This recent news has come from the BBC who has stated that due to turntables, CDJS and other gear now being classed as formal instruments by exam boards Djing is now a recognized choice for students within GCSE Music.

 It is no secret that the choice of GCSE’s within schools can be limited especially when considering the arts, which has been scrutinized as not being a ‘realistic’ career choice many times. Although GCSE Music is available to students this is very limited to the more traditional styles of music and instrumen

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