1. New to the ES Series, The ES1002 from dBTechnologies!

    We will be talking about the latest addition to the ES series from dBTechnologies. The ES1002 is one of the new product launches, with more power, precise coverage and advanced usability in the column system family. ES is a complete plug and play column system series which is designed to be portable, space saving and user friendly.

     Presented at the NAMM Show 2018, the ES1002 is the new member of the ES family. With its impressive power at 1800 W peak, for its compact size this system really packs a punch. Made for a quick and smooth set up, the ES1002 provides everything musicians and DJs need.

     This system comes with a subwoofer and 1 column top, both powered by a class D DIGIPRO G3 amp delivering 1800 W peak. The top satellite is equipped with 8x4” mid-woofers, its positioning allows for asymmetrical vertical coverage, avoiding any useless dispersion of the sound above the audience. Another notable feature is that each mid-range woofer has a newly

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  2. dBTechnologies Launch the OPERA UNICA!

    dBtechnologies is known for their active speakers, and with with the progression of the OPERA series comes the launch of the OPERA UNICA: 2 brand new models the 12” and 15” featuring CLASS D DIGIPRO G3 amp module delivering up to 1800 W peak and neodymium woofers. This series is unique to dBtechnologies, with its networkable capability via Aurora Net control software, using the integrates RDNet ports, allowing a complete EQ delay and processing customisation and real time monitoring of the PA system in use.

     The incredible asymmetrical acoustic design of the HF horn allows optimal coverage. Not only that but the sound processing features linear-phase FIR filter providing an amazing linear response. Which means this system produces a clear and intelligible audio performance. With the perfect mix of features the OPERA UNICA is ideal for the most demanding and professional artists.

     For a full list of features and specs for the OPERA UNICA along wi

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  3. The Latest from dBTechnologies SUB series, the SUB612!

    Gearooz are excited to present the SUB612 from dBtechnologies, to complete the SUB600 active subwoofer family. The SUB612 enhances low end precision, with the aim to deliver a complete PA system with this new launch and dBtechnologies smaller full-range systems such as OPERA 10 and B-H 8 and 10.

     Featuring a 600W RMS CLASS D power amp with SMPS, provides incredible sound pressure levels up to 129 dB, even with its very compact housing this system delivers outstanding power as well as precise low end reproduction. The SUB600 series impressive performance allows artists to build most of the PA systems with 1 single sub and 2 full range speakers, which means users can avoid external processing or crossover due to its separate balanced X-Over signal feeds to left and right speakers.

     With its compact and sturdy wood cabinet as well as its lightweight makes this perfect for transporting from gig to gig, ideal for mobile performers and setting up on stage. If you

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  4. The CS1000, The Evolve 50 and The ES1203, How Do They Compare?

    The CS1000 vs the Evolve 50 vs the ES1203, how do they compare?

    With so many line array speakers on the market how do possibly choose one. We are going to be doing all the hard work for you and weigh up the pros and cons as well as studying customer reviews in order for you to make the best decision.

    Starting with the Vertus CS1000.

    The entire system including the top and link pole fits into the subwoofer for ease of transport. So if you are a mobile performer or in need of a system that is easy to transport this may be the one for you. As previously stated in a recent review this speaker is compact, lightweight and sturdy making for a piece of equipment that can be integrated into the most delicate of decors. If you work within a small space and need a speaker that can fit into your set up the CS1000 is a great choice, another pro for travelling performers

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  5. Gearooz Invite You To Our dB Technologies Demo Evening

    Gearooz welcome you to our HQ and invite you to join us at our exclusive live demo evening featuring the new dB Technologies ES1203 speaker. Hosted in our Brighton based showroom it will be your first chance to see and hear this fantastic speaker.

    On Wednesday 21st June, 6pm - 8pm, we will be showcasing the new dB Technologies ES1203 speaker.  This 3-amped stereo sound system features 2 passive wooden tops and one active wooden subwoofer equipped with 2X12” woofers. A powerful system that would be perfect for any mobile DJ, you can come and see its full potential at our demo event. 

    Throughout the evening there will be an interactive demonstration allowing customers to get hands on with the speakers and get any questions answered that you may have. 

    Entry is free and there is also free parking accessible onsite and complimentary ref

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