1. The Denon SC5000 Media Player

    The brand new DJ technology, the SC5000 Prime DJ media player boasting a high resolution, high contract multi touch display, title search and information display. The SC5000 offers a full fledged on board music analysis, never before seen on a DJ player.  The durable 8 inch jog wheel allows the user to see track and loop information as well as the record cover of the current track in the integrated display.

    Offering all the features of the desktop music management software giving you the most direct and convenient access to your songs and playlists. The SC5000 allow you to have ultimately creatively whilst assisting you with its intuitive operating concept.

    Another unique feature is the 8 performance pads for hot cues, loops, rolls and slices. As well as up to four SC5000 prime players can be synchronized via LAN and allows for perfect beat synchronous effect control on the X1800 Prime 4 channel mixer via the Engine Connect protocol.

    Once you’ve plugged in yo

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  2. At the heart of the Denon Prime Series is the X1800, available now!

    At the heart of the Denon DJ Prime Series is the X1800, a 4 channel pro DJ club mixer. With new and improved features, you can take your performances to the next level. The X1800 brings dedicated sweep and BPM FX controls, providing multi themed effects for each channel making this a versatile product which allows users to create a unique sound.

     The X1800 gives you everything you need for ultimate creative expression, you can personalise your work, access 12 additional, high quality denon DJ effects and with the added Flex-Fader crossfader you can adjust how you like to play. Also included is a MIDI out port for your drum machines, instruments and effects boxes, there are no limitations to your creativity with the X1800.

     If you’re interested in the Denon X1800 it is available to order now at, where you will also find a list of features and specs on the product.

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  3. Check out our headphones of choice!

    Headphones are an important part of any Djs set up, when your looking for the best the Denon Dj HP1100 headphones are a great choice, at a great price. With the largest drivers in their class at 53mm, the Denon headphones deliver unbeatable bass response and impact. They can also handle an impressive 3500mW of power, making this ideal for all nighters. Their 180-degree swivel and dual pivot ear cup design give you ultimate comfort and with a convenient folding design you can taken them with you wherever your music takes you.

     Another amazing set of headphones are the Pioneer HRM-6, being the most expensive on the list these are definitely for those willing to splurge. Their design allows for accurate, neutral sound, delivering crystal clear frequencies. The bass reflex chambers improve airflow for impressive bass

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  4. The Denon MC6000 MK2 - Review

    Created to be the ideal tool for mobile DJ’s, this slim line, table top steel chassis unit opens up the creative possibility of 4 deck mixing to all users. The Mark 2 boasts features such as a top panel with all the important transport, pitch, EQ loop, hot-cue/sample, navigation and FX controls, placed in optimal positioning to allow DJ’s error free performances.
     During fast paced, demanding performances, the real time channel matrix control of the Mark 2 ensures fast and efficient DJ hand overs. Another great feature is the unit’s top panel which ensures maximum ease and efficiency when controlling Serato DJ, allowing access of such on trend DJ performance modes as Roll, Censor and Slip.
     We know how important it is to have the ability to record and playback a set, and the Mark 2 does just that. In the current world of DJ fan base social media sharing it is almost vital to have this ability in your con
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  5. Gearooz Presents The New Denon Prime Series

    Introducing the new Denon Prime range...

    Consisting of of a VL12 direct drive turntable, SC5000 media player and X1800 mixer alongside Denon DJ's own music management software called Engine Prime. 

    A fantastic set-up that would suit any mobile or professional DJ and one that is ideal to upgrade to. 

    The SC5000 media player includes built-in effects; digital, live and phono inputs and can seamlessly integrate with the rest of the Denon range. Featuring dual-deck playback facility makes the unit essentially '2 decks in 1' and with dedicated outputs for each layer it makes the SC5000 more compact overall.

    The media player is the first device of its kind to analyse beat grid and musical key on the hardware itself. It also comes with a touch screen and LED beat pads for triggering cue points and other effects. A

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  6. Offical Release: Denon DJ MCX8000 Serato/Engine Controller

    As of January 18th 2016, just ahead of this years NAMM festival, Denon DJ announced the official launch of its New Controller.

    We bring you the Denon DJ MCX8000, which  we predict to be the biggest controller of the year. This New pro four-deck DJ controller has built-in colour screens for Serato DJ software, with a refreshed version of the Denon DJ's Engine Library. It also offers laptop-free use via USB.

    The Denon DJ MCX8000 has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the professional working DJ and those looking for a cutting edge, up-to-the-minute controller.

    The controller is constructed out of metal and has been designed with complete flexibility in mind, enabling users to switch between Serato DJ, DJing using the Denon Engine library via USB and just playing standard music files on a USB drive.

    The controller will appeal to all types of DJ as it effectively acts as a simple DJ mixer tool. The fully pro controller has bee

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