dj decks

  1. A Guide to Different DJ Setups.

    Once upon a time DJ set ups were simple and easy, the only thing you really needed were turntables. Nowadays there are a variety of different set ups which can become overwhelming, with the addition of software for your laptop, CD decks, digital vinyl and apps amongst many other variations of equipment your choices are endless and for beginners you can get confused very easily.

    We have created guides on all sorts of equipment from DJ controllers for beginners to choosing the right microphone but before purchasing any equipment its important to know which setup you’re going for. We hope this guide on different DJ setups will help you make the right choice.

    We advise you to find out which setup best suits your needs. The price of equipment can become very expensive so its best to know exactly what you need to avoid spending money on unnecessary products.

    Let’s start with the

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  2. How do I set up my DJ controller and decks?

    (1) - Pair of speakers linked to your MIDI controller through a RCA/XLR cable. (2) - iPad/Tablet/Laptop with software linked to your MIDI controller through a USB cable. (3). - A MIDI controller linked to your Tablet/Laptop (some of which can also be used as an analogue mixer). (4) - An additional MIDI effect/sampler unit to  alongside your MIDI controller connected to your Tablet/Laptop.

    DJ MIDI Controllers
    The analogue vs digital debate will rage on for years to come, but in terms of convenience and range of features MIDI controllers simply can't be beaten. With a lifetime's worth of music on your laptop's hard drive and a midi controller in your bag you can be certain that wherever there are speakers you can DJ at a moments notice.

    Why Use MIDI Controllers?
    MIDI controllers have become a piece of revolutionar
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