1. Protect your Deck - Decksaver Cover

    Protect your investment! With the Desksaver Pioneer Protective Clear Cover, a durable and reliable protection for your dear. Decksaver produce great quality covers for your DJ equipment, as well as keeping your set up looking clean and cool.

     To keep your set safe from those wanting to mess with your settings or to prevent from damage the Decksaver covers will put a solid barrier between such intrusions. Designed and engineered specifically for the Pioneer XDJ RX2 and manufactured from polycarbonate, a tough transparent plastic created to our customer’s standards.

    Shields faders and controls from dust, liquids and other damaging elements whilst accommodating cables. Gearooz highly recommend this product, at such a great price this small purchase could save you a fortune. Interested in picking one up for yourself head over to

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  2. Pizza Hut Launches New Playable DJ Decks

    Is it the 1st of April? As aspiring DJs will no longer need to purchase the latest equipment as they can head down to Pizza Hut to pick up some new decks.

    The popular pizza chain has released the “world’s first playable DJ pizza box”. This limited edition cardboard pizza box turns into a battery powered, touch-sensitive deck, complete with controllable buttons and mixer.

    Electronics maker Novalia helped Pizza Hut design and create this device that will fully connect to your computer, Smartphone or iPod over Bluetooth. The full DJ setup is printed in conductive ink and it is even compatible with professional DJ software such as Serato DJ.

    Simply eat your pizza then turn on your chosen device and start scratching, controlling pitch, rewind tracks and adjusting cross fade by using the cardboard controls printed on the box itself.

    Pizza Hut has yet to announce when the release date will be and they have only released a limited number. Av

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