1. The Equinox Vortex Effect Light!

    The Equinox Vortex moving head is a new effect light, boasting a combined 120W LED output. A 4 push button OLED menu provides the user with easy access to functions including DMX, auto, sound active and master/slave modes. The Vortex is a powerful effect light at an affordable price for lighting effects. Featuring advanced internal programming which includes a 180 degree forward facing show which enhances the sound active and auto modes even more, giving the audience an incredible light show.

    With the zoom feature and a continuous front lens rotations it gives DJ’s a unique moving head which creates stunning mid air effects. The Vortex is great for mobile DJs and performs very well in all kinds of environments.

    Equinox is a well established brand who provided high quality equipment including some of the best lighting gear on the market. We stock a huge range of Equinox lighti

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  2. Upgrade your Truss Booth with the Equinox Starcloth!

    As a performer you’re always looking for new ways to capture a crowd, not only with your sound but with your set up. If you want to upgrade your staging the Equinox Starcloth is a great way to do it. The LED cloth can be placed on your Truss booth to light up centre stage and draw in your audience.

     Its also great for anyone who does not have the space for extra lighting fixtures yet still want to incorporate lighting into their performance, if you already have a Truss booth the cloth simply fits onto it taking up no space at all.

     The Starcloth features 48 quad colour 5050 LEDs, and comes supplied with an advanced DMX controller. The controller features solid colour selection coupled with pattern and speed control, allowing you to match the Starcloth to other lighting you may have.

     It folds nicely into a heavy duty carry bag making transport easy and safe, Ideal for those traveling from gig to gig. You can Pre-order the Starcloth now at

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  3. Equinox Avalanche Snow Machine, Available now!

    Perfect for large events, the Avalanche from Equinox features a high output fan to project snow up to 10 metres into the air, ideal for those looking for an effective atmospheric for venues such as festivals and clubs. The Avalanche is a huge upgrade from our smaller snow machines used for small parties and venues, so this is definitely a piece of equipment for pro performers who want to take their shows to the next level. Controllable from either the supplied wired remote control or on board DMX. Also supplied with a custom designed flight case for protection during transportation, making it great for mobile performers.

     The durable steel chassis with built in tilt mechanism allows users to direct the output as required. The Avalanche machine is ideal for this time of year, crowds with love the added effect of snow for a winter event. The Equinox Avalanche is available to order now at Gearooz.com. 

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  4. NEW IN! Lighting Effects, Equinox, Showtec, ADJ and LEDJ.

    Over the new year there has been some incredibly interesting lighting releases, from moving heads, beams and grid lights we have some great lighting offers for you.

     These are some of our new in products we’d love to share!

     Equinox Six Shooter LED Effect Light

     This product is the perfect centrepiece for any DJ or club. Producing amazing beams of light across a room, crisscrossing and pulsing to the beam of your music. At an affordable price compared to your larger lighting fixtures this would be ideal if you’re on a budget yet still looking for an eye catching effect.

     LEDJ Mini Pix 9 Grid Light

    At a slightly high price point this product offers full pixel mapping technology within a compact, rugged chassis allowing lighting designers and DJ&rsq

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  5. Get into the festive spirit with the QTX Mini Snow Machine!

    Over the past few weeks we have been introducing our new seasonal products we have available from festive inflatables to Christmas lasers and today we can now offer you the QTX Christmas snow effect machine. A great addition to your growing seasonal collection, a snow machine is extremely popular this time of year and many love seeing them incorporated into shows.

     Get your crowd into the festive spirit with the blizzard machine. This seasonal effect provides a steady stream of foam droplets to simulate snow on demand, a simple push button operation and easy to refill with qtx snow fluid.

     Perfect for parties and themed events, if your looking to switch up your shows to co inside with Christmas this is a great choice. At an affordable price this is a favourite amongst our seasonal products. Head over to Gearooz.com to check out all of our products. 

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  6. The Equinox Hot Rod Package - Review

    The new Equinox hot rod sweeping beam light package is a great and affordable option if you are looking to purchase a moving head light, a package is the ideal way to save money and increase the quality of your show. Fast moving 3.4° beams are projected from the twin, individually controllable, tilting bars which create unique atmospheric effects.

     A simple and easy choice for beginners the smooth, fast motors for pan and independent tilt movements allow the fixture to generate beautiful mid-air effects from its 8 zones which make this package perfect for mobile djs as well as club installations.

     The Equinox hot rod package allows great customization, the hanging brackets allows the fixture to be installed into any set up and also allows artists to attach it to stands and trussing.

     The Equinox Hot Rod Lighting package in now available to order online, head over to 

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  7. Introducing the Equinox Shard - Review

     Introducing the Equinox Shard, previously covered by Gearooz at BPM PRO 2017 we are now happy to offer you this product through our website and is now available to order. This high output moonflower is powered by a 60W Osram Ostar gaud colour RGBW LED. This high tech lighting produces an intense array of colours combined with pin sharp beams. Perfect for all occasions this fixture can fit into even the smallest of set ups, with several built in shows allowing the artist to select fast energetic movements and colour changes or a slow constant rotation to emulate a mirror ball effect.

     We offer the Equinox Shard in a package deal great for those who need a fuller set up. The couple offer much more powerful light shows and will fill a bigger space for your audience. Head over to Gearooz.com for more information and a demo video, our team are always happy to help with any queries or questions our live chat is open 9-6pm Monday to Friday.

     Gearooz also off

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  8. Introducing The Equinox Fusion 100 Spot

    Gearoox present the Equinox Fusion 100 Spot.  This powerful and vibrant moving head offers a variety of advanced features including rotating GOBOs, motorised focus and a bright 80W White LED.

    A compact but feature packed fixture, the Fusion 100 Spot measures 330 x 198 x 146mm and weighs just 4.4kgs allowing users to easily transport it between gigs and venues.  It has a beam angle of 10 degrees and offers pan and tilt angles of 540-degrees and 210-degrees. 

    The unit features a wheel with 7 colours plus open that allows for rich hues to saturate its beam. Alongside this, a rotating GOBO wheel with 5 detailed patterns, including hearts and stars, adds to the fixture’s collection of extensive effects. A 3-facet circular prism and motorised focus keeps projected images and beams sharp and clear at any distance.

    The Equinox Fusion 100 Spot 5 to 15 selectable DMX channels, a 4 button menu with LED display, auto, sound active and master/sla

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  9. Equinox Releases Two Low Cost All-In-One Light Show Products

    Equinox have recently announced the new Micropar Bar System and Mircobar Multi System. The two new all-in-one lighting systems from the Prolight Concepts Group include four lighting fixtures pre-wired to a T-bar and complete with a  tripod stand.

    Priced at £109 and £115, these affordable, compact, and vibrant fixtures offer an incredibly affordable one-stop lighting solution for mobile DJs and venue owners alike. 

    The Micropar Bar System features four individual par cans each loaded with 12 1W LEDs (3 red, 3 green, 3 blue, and 3 white) mounted to a powered T-bar. This bar requires a single mains power input and features an LED display with 4 push buttons that can be used to select Auto, Sound Active, Master/Slave, and DMX control options.

    The Microbar Multi System, combines two similar style par cans with two beam effect fixtures. Both units are powered by 10W quad-colour (RGBW) LEDs and feature one Derby fixture and one Moonfl

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