Saturday 14th May was the annual Eurovision Song Contest, in which millions of viewers around the world tuned in to watch the 61st edition, held in Stockholm, Sweden.

The 2016 Eurovision winner was Jamala, representing Ukraine with a heartfelt, politically charged ballad about deportation of Crimean Tartars.

This year was a new year for the voting system and despite initially starting in the top half of the leader board, the United Kingdom soon plummeted to the bottom, finishing up 24th out of the 26 entries.

However, following a three hour plus commitment to watching the contest I have now learned some very exciting and interesting facts about the technical aspect of the show. With roughly 10,500 spectators at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm it was recorded that since work initially began on April 4th the venue has in fact sunk 35mm! However, is this really surprising when 109 tons of rigged gear was located in the roof alone?

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