1. Don't Miss our DAS Audio Event! Register Now for Free Entry

    We are excited to offer you free entry to our DAS Audio Event hosted by our team next month! Join us on Wednesday the 5th of December from 6pm where you can come along for a hands on demonstration with a range of fantastic DAS Audio products.

    Register through our website to ensure your place at the event; don’t miss out on a free interactive seminar “How to Get The Most out of Your Speakers” as well as a look into some of the best systems DAS Audio has to offer. You’ll be able to listen to a variety of different speakers, from PA to Line Array all of which will be available for you to purchase as well as a whole host of other amazing deals and discounts. 

    If you’re interested in attending our DAS Audio event please head over to for the registration form as well as a full list of perks and exclusive deals. You can also take a look at our

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  2. Gearooz Black Friday 2018 - Save the Date!

    With only 9 days till Black Friday 2018 we’re getting ready to deliver the best discounts to ever hit our shelves. Find a huge range of products available for musicians, artist, DJ’s and bands, we have fantastic offers on sound systems, instruments, DJ controllers, stage lighting and even effect machines!

    To be one of the first to receive our amazing offers make sure you sign up to our Gearooz newsletter not only for Black Friday deals but for exclusive content and upcoming events. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with any news on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

    At Gearooz we work to continue to better our services and offer premium products at the best prices and Black Friday is no different. With the hope to make this year better than ever we are sure you will find the perfect product(s) for you or for a loved one and with Christmas around the

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  3. What Makes DAS Audio a Worthy Competitor? - DAS Audio Event!

    DAS Audio has been committed to the development of professional sound products for the last 40 years, acquiring valuable knowledge of the development and manufacture of sound reinforcement systems, DAS has been recognized for their incredibly high quality products all over the world. DAS Audio has continued to work hard to provide their customers with innovation and the production of some of the best sound systems on the market.

    With a huge team of highly qualified professionals and state of the art technology the company is able to complete extremely ambitious projects to ensure customers are delivered the best sound reinforcement. We are lucky enough to be able to offer our own customers the chance to get a hands on experience with their products at our DAS Audio event in December.

    Register now to be a part of the event and receive exclusive deals and discounts on hundreds of products, complimentary drinks, free entry and parking as well as an interactive seminar a

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  4. 6 Ideas for Haunting Halloween Parties and Events!

    Thinking of throwing your own Halloween party/event this year? There are many different reasons you might want to organize an event whether it be to earn money, raise money or simply to have fun with friends and family.  Whatever it might be we have a few ideas for you if you’re struggling to think of things to do, don’t forget we have just released our 2018 Halloween range so make sure you check those out if you’re in need of some fun decorations.

    Halloween movie night, you can’t go wrong with your typical movie night. Get a group of friends together and settle down to watch the classics from Halloween to The Shining. We have a range of ultraviolet lights available online to set the scene.

    Along with your typical Halloween events a house party is another popular choice, decorate your house from top to bottom with our

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  5. Why Hosting Events will Benefit your Music Career

    Initially you may be against planning and hosting events, after all you want a career performing at events not hosting them. But there are many benefits that come from throwing a party, and the great thing is that you don’t have to be a professional event planner; anyone can do it as long as you put your heart into it.  

    We have a bunch of guides available on the blog for promoters so if you need some more advice head over to our website. But for a quick overview of why it’s so important to be a part of the events game keep reading.

    For a start getting others to promote your content can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the industry. Landing gigs and appearances at parties isn’t something that comes quickly; it takes time to build your reputation so being a self promoter is a great way to show what you can do. Being the boss of your own event means you can control the content, you can promote yourself to your heart’s content although I would

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  6. A Guide to Building Industry Relationships

    If you’re just being introduced to the music scene you are probably wondering how and where you can start building relationships with other like minded people who can help to further your career. Part of being a musician is being able to make contacts and build important relationships with people but it’s not as easy for some so here are a few tips to get you started. We’ve already covered networking on the blog so make sure you have a look for some more helpful advice, in the meantime we wanted to provide some more tips for those who have just started.

    The first begin an obvious one and one we’ve mentioned before but it’s worth bringing up again as it’s so useful. Social media is huge and you bet that every artist, musicians or DJ is on there so it’s vital that you don’t get left behind. Take advantage of how accessible everything is, join groups, follow local artists and introduce yourself.  These communities are so great for new musicians and if you make the effort to be

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  7. How to Create your own Music Festival

    The introduction of music festivals was a pivotal point in history, it is now and has been for a while the most popular way to see live music. There is a huge demand for more festival experiences because of the success of our favorites. As a musician they are incredible experiences and a chance to build on your career and contacts. It is popular for established musicians and bands to hold festivals themselves to express their love of music and give exposure to independent artists. If you’ve ever thought about creating your own music festival but figured it was too big of a task then I’m going to give you a few tips in the hope it will help you get started.

    It all starts with a purpose, a reason why you want to bring a festival to life. Do you want to give recognition to your favorite artists? Perform yourself? Or to do something different in the festival business? Maybe it’s a bit of everything but having a solid idea of what you want to go is the best place to start. It’s w

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  8. The Bugbar!

    Based in Brighton the Bugbar is a unique project, aimed to bring retro glamour to festivals, weddings and events. Launched in 2013 the Bugbar offers first class drinks, from mixed cocktails to beers and wine as well as smoothies, coffee and a friendly experience all in a chic and bespoke VW camper van conversion. You can choose a vintage VW cocktail bar or the amazing DiscoBug mobile DJ booth for a one of a kind event.

    The amazing idea came from Brighton based entrepreneur Justin Wagner. Known for running the Bar Vinyl in Camden London, he then went on to set up and run the award winning independent record label Finger Lickin’ records. With such great experience within the industry came the exciting and multi functional Bugbar, the project has expanded rapidly after a fantastic response and now includes three units.

    The Bugbar gives you four different bar options for any occasion including,

    A complimentary

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  9. Fatboy Slim at the i360!

    DJ Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim will take up residence in Brighton once again this year, but in a slightly smaller venue than what we are used to seeing him in! The i360 has wonderful views of the surrounding Brighton area and this will be the first DJ to have played on it. Tickets went on sale Thursday 26th July, and sold out in just 60 seconds. So there are 120 lucky ticket holders that will be dancing in the sunset to Brighton’s best-known chart-topper, 450ft above the city. But wait what about th rest of us? Well the event will be produced and broadcast live to millions of fans by French livestreaming platform Cercle, via their Facebook Live. So, if you weren't lucky enough to get your own ticket why not watch it live instead? Tune in Monday 30th July from 8pm. NB: The music will only be able to be heard from inside the pod, no music will be heard from the beach or surrounding areas, so please do not arrive unless you have a ticket.

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  10. A Guide to the Best Ibiza Parties 2018!

    With summer holidays in full swing we wanted to give you a guide to the best Ibiza parties, for those who are regulars to the island every summer this may help you priorities the events you are yet to experience in Ibiza. And for newcomers the island is crazy during this season so picking the best parties to attend is vital to having a great summer. Here are some of the most popular events that we think you’ll love.

    MK & Friends Area 10 Pool Party, located at Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Starting July 9th you can join MK amongst other names poolside for some amazing music, every Monday until August 6th. Everyone loves a pool party during summer and what better way to experience one.

    Together at Amnesia, one of the most famous clubs on the island which never disappoints with incredible parties every year. After seven seasons on the island, Together announce their return to Amnesia. Starting June 5th and coming to a close on the September 18

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