Picking a set of DJ headphones can be a difficult choice, especially as there is so many available. Each set of headphones will have its own features but it is important to choose a set that is durable, long lasting and perfect for Djing with.   

In this article we highlight the features that you should be looking for in a set of DJ headphones.

Noise isolation is key component especially if you are playing in a nightclub. If your headphones lack good noise isolation, you will find yourself cranking up the headphone volume on the mixer to block out the sound coming from the club speakers. This will not only damage your ears but the longer you do this for, the quieter your headphones will seem and therefore, you will continue to overcompensate with even more volume. Ensure that any headphones you are considering are good at blocking out external noise.

Accurate sound - This is a rather important factor. Accurate headphones are essential for 

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