Choosing which format to release your music in is probably something you’ve already thought about but before making that final decision you might want to go over your options again to gain an understanding of which platform suits your music best.

I’m sure you already have an idea of the different platforms and what they mean but if you are unsure and want a refresher, here are some of the different ways in which music is released and what the general requirements are.

A single is the most popular choice for beginners. For the most part it’s as simple as releasing one song along with all the promotion it needs but that’s not strictly the rules. There have been many artists who have released singles which contain a couple of songs and they have done very well. If you’re a beginner and have a couple of solid songs you want to release just to test the grounds before releasing a full album then  a single is a good place to start. A single (if not only one song) will run a

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